Health: Get your Sporty Geek on.

Since I am back into exercising and running again, I also need to get some sports wear. And that was a bit of an issue as most gym wear here is a bit expensive for what they offer or it’s something that everyone already wears. As long as it is good quality I usually don’t mind, but it got me curious. Is there actually more variety available for people who like to work out but also happen to be geeks?
And it turned out there are plenty of options available for those who like to work their ass off and be a geek about it at the same time.

So here is a selection of the geek gym wear I came across. If you know if any other brands or stores that sell awesome gear, please let me know!
But so far I can’t wait to work towards my goals and reward myself with a shirt every so often.

First there is Black Milk Clothing which has their own gym line these days.
The company is well known for it’s awesome leggings and dresses. People have used their gear in the past for running but the clothing was never designed for that.
But after fans asked they actually made some proper gear intended for the purpose of running, fitness, pole sports and all that.

Unlike their normal line the Gym wear doesn’t feature anything geeky from comics, films or so. But it does have some of the unique designs that made Black Milk famous and which gives that bit of edge that other brands often don’t have. Things like galaxy prints, muscle and bones, lightning and other patterns can be found on the gear.
The fabrics used are meant for sports and exercise and are made to make sure that it’s comfortable and don’t show anything while you bend over during your work outs. So far I heard a lot of good stories about their stuff. I own some of their older gym collection and I love it!


Next up we have Human (aka LookHuman) that have made some amazing cool items. They are not a gym brand but they do stock a lot of awesome shirt and tank-top/ razerbacks design that will work for sports. There are quite a few people who have bought shirts here for the gym and who heartily recommend them.
If you take a look at their site you will see many awesome designs which are aimed specifically at geeks who are into sports. Please note that their fabric is not specifically targeted at gym/sports use.

There are so many to choose from that I am having a hard time to see which ones I will order after I reached my first running goal.
Shirts are €26/ £18/$28
Tanktops are €24/ £17 /$27
Razerbacks are €26/ £18 /$29

human1 human2 human3

Under Armour is an famous American sports clothing and accessories company. They have been known for having sponsorship agreements with quite a few professional athletes and sport teams.  And recently they have released an Avenger themed line with shirts, leggings, shoes and more. And I have to say some of these items look truly amazing. The Iron Man shirt is just gorgeous.

I find it a pity though that in the Netherlands their release seems to have been primarily focused on the male line. The female line only has Black widow to choose from and I have to admit as much as I adore her, the design they chose is lacking.
Overall it seems that the US site has much more choice in gear. There you have both Marvel and DC to choose from with everything from shirts to soccer gloves and more. There is less variety on the Dutch site which is a pity.

And there is also Geeked Out Fitness, a smaller shop with gear specifically aimed at us geeks.
When I came across their instagram my interest was immediately piqued. It didn’t take me long to go to their site and see that they had some really cool designs for the sporty geeks. And the water bottle is extra cool. If you pour in a cold liquid it will change colour from white to blue, like a true mana potion.

They use a specific combination of fabrics so you could use it for both work outs and for lounging on the sofa while watching Netflix/ Crunchyroll or play Warframe/ Heroes of the Storm like a boss. They tell a bit more about it here. As for the prices…
Shirts (Uni-sex or ladies cut) are €23/ £16 /$25
Burn Out razorback are €27/ £19 /$30
Ladies tri-blend tank are €27/ £19 /$30
Waterbottle is €7/ £5 /$8

I totally adore the Zombie cardio shirt and I am definitely going to order some stuff there for my summer sport adventures.
And to be fair.. someone I know really needs this shirt.
If you are outside the US and want to have some of the awesome gear, contact them through their website and they will get back to you.

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