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Next week I will be heading to Edinburgh, Scotland for a week of holiday together with Jo. I have been to Edinburgh last year around the same time and Jo has lived in the city for awhile so we are sure to relive some good memories. While we are in Edinburgh we have plenty of ideas how we want to spend our time and what kind of things we really want to see. And since we both have been here before we can already skip certain things as we have seen them before.

We will be staying near the western harbour which is close to the Ocean Terminal and offers everything we need just a walking distance away. Another plus is that there is a bus-stop right in front of the hotel which will bring us to the city centre in 10 minutes time. I have stayed there before and loved this hotel and Jo actually used to have her home very close by the hotel. So for us it was an easy choice to stay here rather than in the more expensive parts of the inner city.
But naturally we will do much more than just stay in our room or shop at the Ocean Terminal. So what are our Edinburgh travel plans for the week?


Highland Tours
First off is the Highland Tour. I for one have never been outside Edinburgh and everyone has been telling me that this time I should really go. So we decided that was a splendid idea and at least one of the days we are there we will be going on a so-called “Highland tour”.
Currently we are looking at the Loch Ness, Glen Coe & the Highlands – tour which will us take to plenty of cool places. Seeing Loch Ness for real would already be a major moment for me as I adore the legend of Nessie. But we also get to see Glenn Coe, Cairngorms National Park and Stirling where we will learn more about William Wallace.

Pictures are property of Visit Scotland.

Ghost Tours
Edinburgh is known for all it’s dark and scary stories, so it should come as no surprise that there are quite a few organised ghost tours in the city. What makes the tours so much fun is that often you can go into parts of a city that are not open to general public. While you walk there the tour-guides tell you everything about the history of these places and the dark tales that surround it.
We are hoping to get tickets for the Underground Cities of the Dead tour and go into the South Bridge Vaults which are supposed to be a real cool yet scary place. And I am looking forward to hear more about the history of Edinburgh and see the underground vaults for myself.

Pictures are property of City of Dead Tours

One of the things we look forward to is having dinner and a few cocktails at the Frankenstein Pub. This establishment is completely decorated in the style of Mary Shelly’s novel complete with a light/sound show.
They serve nice, tasty food like burgers, haggis, pastas, salads  and more. The food is complemented by your usual choices of drink but also by a choice of really tasty cocktails that perfectly fit the theme of the pub. Personally my favourites are the Fajitas and the Cajun Chicken Burger when it comes to the main courses. As for drinks “The Bride” cocktail is a sure winner, made with Midori melon and Disaronno Amaretto and topped with cranberry and orange juices.
Their cocktails alone are well worth it and on Monday – Wednesday they only charge £3.95 for them.

Images are property of Frankenstein Edinburgh

Lush Spa
I am a long time fan of the Lush stores and all their handmade products. So when I found out that Lush had their own Spa, I was very keen on trying them out. Sadly last year I tried to book an appointment and they were filled up. So this year I mailed them a few weeks beforehand to see if they had any spots available and this time it was no problem.

I chose for “The Spell”  which is described by Lush as the following. ” Let your worries vanish into thin air with a 60-minute magical treatment that focuses on the head and feet to give a deep sense of wellbeing. By stimulating reflex points, our therapists work on helping you let go of worries and built-up tension, allowing you to move forward with ease and comfort while bespoke music enchants you.”
It is a head and foot massage of 60 minutes which helps to get rid of worries and tensions. After my health issues it seems that this is something I really need and it came highly recommended by friends. I am really curious what it will be like as it is supposed to be a real experience complete with music and all that. So far I am really looking forward to it.

Images are property of Lush

These are some of the things we will be doing the coming week. It goes without saying that we will be shopping there as well as there are plenty of brands that we don’t have in the Netherlands or are cheaper there. And Edinburgh has it’s own Forbidden Planet which is a well known store and geek heaven, so we are sure to visit that.
After I am back I will  make a post showing what we did and if it lived up to our expectations. And naturally I will show what kind of geeky stuff I bought during our stay there.

During my holiday blog posts will still appear on the site.  And if you want to know what I am up too, I will keep my twitter and instagram updated.

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