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Geek Christmas Movies

Only a day more to go before it is finally Christmas eve again and time to watch some Geek Christmas Movies. I hope everyone will have a great time whether they are celebrating it with loved ones or… Read More


For quite some time I have been visiting Fantasy fairs and conventions. And through the years much has changed, the events have gotten bigger and more and more people have gotten interested in them. You see the interest… Read More

My Anime Watchlist #1

A few months ago I was gifted a subscription to Crunchyroll for my birthday. Crunchyroll is a streaming service much like Netflix with as major difference that it is focused on Anime, Manga and (Japanese)Drama. I am a… Read More

Convention season

We are done with the winter! So time to get into a more cheerful mood and make nice plans for the upcoming spring and summer weekends. The next months are filled with a lot of cool events and… Read More