Star Wars Day

Star Wars Day – May the 4th be with you & Revenge of the Fifth!

Yesterday it was May the 4th again which meant it was international Star Wars day!
Many Star Wars fans consider this date a small “Holiday” in celebration of the movies and the big sci-fi universe it created. It’s the perfect date for fans to come together and celebrate their love for Star Wars with viewing parties, playing games (X-wing, Star Wars TCG) or dressing themselves and/or their kids up for an event.

May the 4th be with you.

Yesterday I had the day off and spend it in my Star Wars gear making cookies and organising food and drinks because we had a party were we would be watching Star Wars: Rebels. I haven’t watched the series yet but I heard a lot of positive sounds about it.

The Force Awakens
All the buzz about the upcoming Star Wars movie will sure make it’s going to be a fun couple of months for me and my friends. We are all pretty hyped up for the movie and the last trailer only made us more excited. I will admit I do adore the new lightsaber design carried by Kylo Ren. And I can’t wait to actually see it in action.

In the “run” to the coming release will we get a lot of stuff that will connect the original trilogy to the newest trilogy. Rumour has it there will be at least twenty books in the coming months which will tell us more about what happened between ‘Return of the Jedi’ and ‘The force awakens’.
A part of these books however will be YA novels, comics and reference books. Personally I am looking forward to the ‘Aftermath’ novel and the Marvel’s Journey to the Force Awakens.

Stormtrooper in The Force Awakens.
Stormtrooper in The Force Awakens.

Celebration 2016
One of the biggest events for Star Wars fans is the annual Star Wars Celebration. This is a huge convention for Star wars fan all over the world to meet fellow fans and delve deeper into the huge world (or space?) that make up the world within the Star Wars galaxies.
This year’s celebration was held in April at the Anaheim convention centre in the US. I really wanted to go but sadly the costs were too high. Luckily I was able to attend one of the official live events in Pathe Amsterdam.

Needless to say that I was super happy that next year Celebration will be held at the Excel centre in London from the 15th till 17th of July. Tickets sales have already started and I am all set to go and bring the Dark Side to London next year.

Tickets for the event vary in price and will start at:
– £30 (Friday or Sunday) – £35 (Saturday) for a one day ticket.
– £70 for a weekend ticket (Friday -Sunday).
The entree fees for children are much cheaper.
Be aware however that VAT and costs for the exchange rates are not included in this yet. And does not come with a hotel, food drinks etc. But it will get you an entry to an awesome event filled with cool fans, amazing costumes, talks with the actors, writers, crew etc. from the star wars universe. And last but not least the chance to get some awesome merchandise.

For me the biggest decision will be what to wear. Will I cosplay, wear my Stormtrooper basketball outfit, wear my Star Wars black milk dresses. So many choices..

For more information about the event:
Star Wars Celebration 2016 –

Star Wars the Old republic
For me it’s almost time to get the cookies out of the oven and spend some of my free time in Star Wars – the Old Republic. The game is celebrating Star Wars day as well and I want to make the most out of the increased Xp boost.

Star Wars the Old Republic (Swtor) is a free to play MMO which takes place 3000 years before Star Wars a new hope. You play a character in gigantic war where you either support the Sith Empire or the Galactic Republic. –

So if you are a subscriber of the game you can now get the XP Boost. Which means that you will be granted 6x times the amount of experience that your normally get. Perfect to level yourself up through solely Story Missions. With the new added patch you also get more commendations (tokens) for finishing your personal story missions which you can use to gear up even quicker.

For the Sith Empire!

Revenge of the fifth!
As for today, don’t forget it’s Revenge of the fifth! Time to give into your Dark Side. This is the day we celebrate our love for the dark side of the force. Personally I have always been more of a dark side girl.
If you want to keep updates on my Star Wars related shenanigans during these days. I will be posting on twitter and instagram.

Have fun and may the force be with you 🙂


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