First Order Stormtrooper Helmet Review

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It’s only a few more days until Star Wars – the Force Awakens will finally be released in theatres. And I can’t wait, it’s already been weeks ago when I scored tickets for the opening day. Naturally that also meant planning to wear an appropriate outfit for when I am going to see the movie. I am a Star Wars geek fan after all.
So I was very happy when Funidelia approached me about their own line of official Star Wars costumes and Star Wars gadgets. And when they asked me if I would like to review one of their products.

They have a huge selection on their site and much to my surprise they also happened to have the new Star Wars – the Force Awakens collection as well.
My eyes immediately fell towards the First Order Stormtrooper helmet they have in the store. I always liked Stormtroopers and  to me and many others they were iconic for the films. With the new films and the updated design I think that the First Order Stormtrooper helmet might become just as iconic for the new trilogy.

Funidelia Forst Order Stormtrooper Helmet

First impressions
When the helmet arrived it was packed in a sturdy box which makes sure it will arrive safely and without damage to it’s intended destination.
The helmet itself is made out of two separated plastic parts that are can be shoved together by plastic pins. It comes out of the box already assembled and no extra work is actually needed. It simple, you pick it up and wear it.


Although the site said it was for males ( which I assume means for standard adult heads). It fit me well enough even though my head isn’t really that big. Pepijn tried it as well (and his head is a bit bigger than mine) and it fit him perfectly fine as well. Inside the helmet itself there are small foam pieces that make sure that the helmet rests on the head gently. If the helmet is still too big you can actually adjust with some foam yourself. Furthermore the helmet is roomy, stays on my head without any issues and has great visibility.
Unlike the original trooper helmets in the films, the eye visors here are actually filled with mesh and not solid plastic. Which does make sure that from a distance it looks dark, but enables you to see clearly. However from close up people can see your actual eyes through the eye visor holes.



The material is plastic and not plasteel, but that was to be expected. While it doesn’t look as shiny as in the films, it does make the helmet lighter and more wearable. The only downside was that in places the paint job was not really tight. You could see some small pieces of markings missing or some minor scuffs. But this is only seen from up close or if you are someone like me who really inspects stuff for every detail.
To be fair these things are to be expected with any product like this and for me they don’t take anything away from the looks of the helmet.

I love it! The helmet fits nicely, is official and is instantly recognisable.
The only flaw I could find is that the paint work might not be 100%. But it is super easy to fix that yourself and have a nice looking helmet for a price ( €49,99) that I consider quite affordable. Especially if you take into consideration the normal prices for official stormtrooper helmets.
I am quite taken with mine and can’t wait for the film to actually be released and show the First Order some support with this helmet.

First Order Stormtrooper Helmet

The Helmet in action
With that being said, it was time to test out some outfits for the upcoming premier. Since I am in the middle of a hectic work-schedule thanks to projects I wanted to wear sneakers and a matching outfit. So I quickly decided to go with my Stormtrooper outfit which includes a trooper shooter, jacket and matching sneakers. And with the helmet on it gets even better.

And perhaps these are some of the contenders for my party outfits at the Star Wars Celebration in London. That’s the other nice thing of the helmet, it matches a lot of my Star Wars shirts and dresses.

More Star Wars goodies
Speaking of Celebrations and other events. The Star Wars – the Force Awaken premier is not the only event that makes me want to dress up. Next July I will be attending the Star Wars Celebration in London with Pepijn and Chardy. And dressing up there is a must.
So the Star Wars collection at Funidelia is perfect if you want to look for costumes , helmets or Star Wars gadgets for your outfits. What I do really like is that all products here are official ones from Star wars and not the bootleg ones that you encounter.

And they have quite a few that were rather new to me. Zombie troopers from the Death Troopers novel which is one of my guilty little pleasures in the expanded Star Wars universe. But also Asajj Ventress who I think was really awesome during the Clone Wars series. And a female Stormtrooper outfit which I really want to buy one day since I think it’s gorgeous.

Star Wars Costumes Funidelia
Death Trooper De-Luxe € 99,99 // Asajj Ventress € 69,99 // Female Stormtrooper €69,99

But there are plenty of gadgets that gave me ideas for some amazing outfits as well. I would love the Sith Robes as they would be a nice addition if I ever decide to make my Sith Inquistor costume. Or the Cad Bane gun set which can be used for cosplay and easily converted for a Cad Bane cosplay or playing an original Star Wars smuggler character. And last but not least.  I adore Sabine Wren in the Star Wars Rebels series. What is not to like about this independent , feisty, sarcastic and artistic character. She is my favourite character (after Agent Kallus) and I would love to dress up as her one day in her season 1 outfit. And this wig would be perfect.

Star Wars Gadgets Funidelia
Sith Robes € 59,99 // Cad Bane Gun Set € 39,99 // Sabine Wren Wig € 19,99

But what about these costumes? If I ever have a child, I know I am going to dress him or her up in a little baby Star Wars outfits. I mean, these are just too precious.

Star Wars Baby Costumes Funidelia
Darth Vader € 29,99 // X-wing pilot € 29,99 // Chewbacca € 29,99

Want to grab some cool Star Wars gear for yourself? To celebrate the release of Star Wars – the Force Awakens and the release of the new line, Funidelia is offering a 10% discount on items in their store.
All you need to do is like the Facebook pages of Funidelia and And use the code the FUNIVYKSOS10 when making an order at their site. This discount is available until the 31st of January 2016.

Disclaimer: The helmet was given to me by to wear and review for my blog.

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