Status Update

Hello Everyone,
As you might have noticed this blog has been very silent for the past weeks. My apologies for that, but sadly I suffered from some severe health issues that escalated right after Gamescom. And matters went from bad to worse that even sitting behind a PC was not possible any more. For the past month I have been really out of it and things like gaming, reading, writing and all that stuff was no longer possible.

After some visits to the doctors and hospital, they finally found something that seems to work and can stop the issues I have. In the meantime I am slowly but surely getting back in shape and can get back to work and start blogging again. Full recovery might take awhile but in the meantime there is still plenty for me to do.
Starting next Monday the 28th of September I will be uploading articles again.
So sorry for my absence and I hope it won’t happen again.

My first article will be about Gamescom.
Here are two pictures I made while running around the premises.

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