Personal Update – Sick Cats

Hello everyone,
as you might have noticed there have been no uploads for a bit. I am truly sorry for that. But sadly life took an unexpected turn and we had to deal with a lot of terrible events and bad news which took a toll. But things seem to look up again and starting Monday there will be blog posts again.

The reason for my short hiatus was that all three of our cats became severely ill at the same time. They got a heavy case of Upper Respiratory Disease (Niesziekte) which wasn’t covered by the shots. One of the cats was already struggling with some weird symptoms and had seen vets for it already. But at one point the disease popped up and escalated, within a few days the other two were ill as well. We immediately took them to see the vets.

So the past few weeks I have been working, bringing my cats to the vet for extra check ups, giving medication and feeding them by hand. But even with hospital stays, Siamun didn’t make it and we had to let him go. He had been sick a few times before at his previous families and that took too large a toll on his liver. In the end it was just too much and we didn’t want to see him suffer. But we miss him terribly.
Chunky and Medano seem to be feeling better again and we hope they will be healthy again soon. I am keeping my fingers crossed but since we were quick it seems they might make it out without permanent issues. *keeps fingers crossed*
All I can say is be careful when your cat is sick and when you don’t trust it, go to see a professional.

Bye Bye Siamun
The three terrors, sadly Siamun has left us.

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