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I saw this I wish tag on a couple of Dutch blogs and decided to translate it and fill it out for my own blog.
Original credit goes to Teske over at Teskuh.nl


If you could be anything you wanted to be, what would be your dreamjob?
Oh that’s a difficult one. I think a part of me would love to be a programmer in the gaming industry. But I know that’s notoriously hard to break into, and sadly in my own country there are not that many jobs available. When I was young I wanted to be palaeontologist or an Apache pilot but that was not happening for various reasons.
Programming in games always had my interest but when I went to college you either needed to go abroad or got to an expensive course to get the basics down.
So I chose to go for a different IT field.
My other passion would be having either my own small store in indie make up or be a make up/ special fx artist myself. Actually I am looking into following some small courses to get more familiar with cosmetics. Whenever I see the amazing stuff people come up with on the web I am thoroughly impressed. At the moment I have a small basic understanding but I am sure I need to learn so much more.
But having a small indie make up store on Etsy with solid scents, eyeshadows, lipgloss and more, would be a dream come true.

If you could buy something super luxurious, what would it be?
I think that currently I would go for a personal trainer. I am pretty clueless when it comes to sports and I would love to have someone there that can give me a good plan for both food and sports to get in a better shape. I want to become as kick ass as my rogue ๐Ÿ˜› And I really need someone to keep me motivated.
If it has to be an object it would be a house with a garden and big kitchen. I am currently living in an apartment and think it’s great. But I would like to move to a house with a bigger kitchen, a garden and a few big rooms. And last but not least an opportunity for a bath so that I finally can go crazy in the Lush store and buy all kinds of bath balls.

If you were allowed to hang out with a tv/movie character, who would it be?
Let me think… If it comes to video-games I would like to hang out with Cullen and the Inquisition team back at Skyhold ( Dragon Age). Or kick back with the crew from Mass Effect. Bioware has managed to create a very interesting cast in both games which created a huge fan-following. I don’t think I am the only one who would love to hang out at the Keep or kick back drinks in a Citadel bar.
From TV Shows/ movies. Darn that’s a difficult one.. As villains are usually my favourite. I think it would be the Evil Queen from Once upon a time since she is one of my most favourite characters in the show ( along with Archie Hopper). Or Frank Underwood from House of Cards, as a sarcastic girl myself I would love to pick up some more snide one-liners. Hmm or would I join the dark side in Star Wars Rebels and make a name for myself there? So many choices.


If you could choose a location where you could be teleported to whenever you wanted, where would it be?
That would be London, UK or Stresa, Italy.
London holds so many good memories for me, it’s where I met Jo for the first time and every time we are there it’s a party. But it’s also where I went with my brother for his graduation present and where we explored the museums and had too much fun at Avenue Q. I love walking through the parks, go shopping at the many stores, see plays and have cocktails.
Stresa because a part of me resides there. I spent my holidays there and it’s where I went to visit Bridget and helped in her Irish Bar after I finished my degree. The islands, the people, the food, the scenery. I would almost say, it’s part of my DNA. Nothing is more relaxing than visiting the island and sit in the gardens there with some good caprese salad and a limoncello.


If you could take away a fear/phobia which one would it be?
The fear to fail. I am a person that thinks with her head and not her heart. When I look at options I always go for the secure road.
Weird thing is that at work it doesn’t bother me and I am pretty much in control. But when it comes to things like events, gaming, crafts and all that I am pretty much way more careful with what I do and I don’t like to take risks. Which means I talk myself out of stuff since I am afraid I won’t able to live up to my own (too high) expectations.
In videogames it has come to a point where it makes me anxious to plays with others. The community has changed so much that even the smallest mistake can lead to screaming, yelling and threats. So in most games I don’t participate much in pugs or a lot of inter-player interaction. I think I am too careful and just don’t want to make a fool out of myself and invite a lot of verbal abuse.

If you could have a superpower, which one would that be?
Dangerous question. While playing video-games, reading comics and playing things like tabletop rpg’s I have seen and “tried” many already. One of the coolest and nastiest one’s is that of the “Skinrider” from the Orpheus RPG system. And for some reason it suits me very well, just ask my team mates.
So yeah I think something like mind-control or manipulation would be fun.
Otherwise I would like to mimic the abilities of Poison Ivy or Saryn from the game “Warframe”. Poison all the things! I just love these two characters and all their venomous powers.

If a band could get back together again and would give a concert in your living room, who would it be?
Hmm if it’s about a band that’s no longer together. It would definitely be Queen with Freddy Mercury. When I was a little girl my parents always played their music and I grew up watching their amazing music videos. My love for their music never went away andย  I still love listening to their music and dance around the room.
If it’s a band that is still together than I would choose for something like Therapy?, Of Verona or Within Temptation.

If you could eat/drink something all day long without getting sick or change in weight?
For drinks either Bubbletea or Melon Calpis. Those are my favourite drinks and I can’t get enough of them. Sadly they are also hard to come by and can be reasonably expensive so I just drink them every now and than. Melon Calpis is pretty much only available in The Hague and for Bubbletea I need to go to the bigger cities to find them there.
I get easily bored with food and after a bit I have enough of certain flavours or textures. Sushi is not an option as I am slightly allergic to fish and so that narrows down the choices. I am not a picky eater so if anything, just proper food made with love and care. Oh wait! I love “Boerenkool met worst” aka Kale-hash with sausages, one of my favourites since I was a little girl. You can wake me up for that, even in the middle of a hot summer night.


If you could have any animals as a pet, which one would you choose?
It would be something a bit dark and dangerous. I would probably go with a raven as I have loved those animals ever since I was little. I am obsessed with crows and ravens and get insanely happy when I see them. Or a wolf because I love their strength and their place in mythology and legends.
But I am very happy with my two feline terrors.

So these were my answers for the ” I wish tag”.
Is there anything you wish for?

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