A Very Happy Geeky New Year – 2016

Hello everyone and Happy Geeky New Year!
I hope you had a nice holiday season and a fresh start into the new year. I spent my time falling in love with fallout 4 and cooking a lot of stuff for the many parties we had.
For me 2015 was bit of  mixed year, I loved starting this blog, the travels and doing all kinds of new stuff. But health wise it was a bit of a downward spiral from which I am still recovering. Luckily 2016 seems to look like a better year.

And there is much this year to look forward too. New videogames, (comic)book titles, merchandise, cool fashion and films that are going to be released. And later this year there are plenty of events being organised that will make many geeks happy. Personally I am really looking forward to attending Star Wars Celebration in London. But plans for trips to Castlefest, Animecon and Gamescom are also in the making. So plenty of stuff to do!

As for the blog, I am still looking into trying to get a proper schedule and perhaps spice things up. But more on that later!
In the mean time I hope everyone will have a great 2016.


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