Hello, it has been awhile and time for a bit of a comeback.
First of all my apologies for the sudden absence. Sadly life threw a curve-ball my way and it hit me square in the face.

Last year I got pregnant and what was supposed to be a pink fluffy cloud of joy ended up being one surrounded with issues. I was told to take it easy and assigned total bed rest in the hope that would clear or at least lessen some of the issues. Luckily it did the trick and the strong looming threat of a premature birth didn’t come to fruition.
So I am a mom now and it has been quite the ride. So far I have been enjoying (geek) parenthood a lot and I am slowly getting crawling out from under my rock.

But for now I am back, I am much healthier and look forward to blogging again. So expect some new articles to pop up soon!

Vyksos Comeback
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