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Often people are surprised when they learn that I have my drivers-license. Actually I had it for quite a few years but barely drove a car because of some issues. But after some thinking and because it had become necessary for work, I am trying to ease myself into driving again. So in the past few weeks I have been looking around for a car so I can have my own little vehicle to drive around.

While searching around for accessories for inside that car I saw that there are plenty of geek inspired cars around. So if you think you have been going all out with zombie decals? Think again! We even have cool and geeky cars in a race-team!

GoodSmile Racing

These Pokemon cars were presented in 2012 and 2014 at the Tokyo Toy show. They were intended to promote a new line of new Pokemon inspired  mini cars for collectors. And what better way to show off what the cars would have looked like if they had been real. Some fans were disappointed to find out that the actual cars were never for sale, only the toy variants. I found these cars over at Kotaku.

Pokemon Cars – Kotaku


This Star Wars H-Wing car is made by Obishawn out of a 1995 Honda Civic del Sol S. The car was made to resemble a A-wing and has an actual R2 unit popping up out of the car in the back. I think it’s an epic car and over the years it has been changed to look even better. The owner is involved with a charity called Starfighters – coast to coast where owners of different Star Wars custom vehicles try and brighten up the day of fans.
You can read more about the car and the charity program at this site.

If you think Batman, you think Batmobile. And while the Batmobile is perfect for fighting crime, it’s terrible for a local shopping trip to Gotham’s Wallmart. Try to fit your car in the parking lot is going to be really tricky.
The Bat Smart was designed by George Barris from Barris Kustoms. He is very famous for his custom car designs and was behind the original 1960’s Batmobile and a lot of other famous cars from tv shows and films.. The Bartsmart itself is owned by Jeff Dunham  who also owns a restored Batmobile from the Michael Keaton era of Batman films.
More cool pictures can be found at the Autoblog.

Bartsmart – picture from Autoblog


A lot of these cars are owned by fans who are also referred to as Itasha. These fans decorate their cars (but also other vehicles) with an assortment of decorations to show love and appreciation for their favourite characters. It is still popular and you can even get books and magazines filled with pictures of the most popular decorated cars as well as tips to make one yourself. I have to say that some of these do look epic, but I think I will stick to a keyring of Sailor moon for my car keys. And perhaps a small mascot 😉
There is plenty more to see at

Pretty Cars – Rocketnews24

Without a doubt there are some pretty geeky cars out there. But if I buy a car I think I will just keep my car overhaul a bit small and buy some bits from ThinkGeek!

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