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It’s only two months until the holiday season starts here and the stores are already filling up with decorations. While it might seem early for me this means it’s time to start thinking about what I am going to give people this holiday. But at the same time people are also asking me about what I want for my holidays. Luckily this season I have seen a lot of stuff that I really like and I am sure that many of my friends have them on their wishlist as well.

One of the most important things is to never wait too late with your shopping as things sell out soon. And more things are ordered through the internet these days, having to arrive from locations outside your own country. This is a risk as postal services slow down due to the volume of orders around the holidays. And don’t forget that in certain cases customs needs to be paid on orders which means a potential delay of another 2-6 weeks.
So my advice? be prepared and make sure you hit the stores early so you don’t end up empty handed.

As for my wishes this year? Here I will shows you my own geek wishlist with stuff I would love to have. I hope I am lucky enough to receive some of the items. But I also use the wishlist throughout the year for when I want to buy something for myself.

Gaming goodies.
I love video-games, but there is so much merchandise these days. So I promised myself to not buy anything unless I really , really like it. And I have to say that so far I spend considerably less on the merchandise. But than again let’s not talk about where my money goes to if not merchandise.


At Gamescom I actually went to the Blizzard store and bought stuff. But at the time I didn’t get the Stitches Plush as it didn’t fit in my luggage and I wasn’t sure about the price. But I actually still want it, so I might cave in soon and order it.  As for the Murloc mug, this wasn’t available at Gamescom. But I was linked to it by a friend and after seeing it I just want to have it for my hot chocolate milk. Hopefully they will be around for a bit as some of the Blizzard gear can be gone pretty soon.

Warframe just released some new items over at their store. One of the items is the new limited edition statue of the Warframe Mag. I already own the Excalibur statue and I am really happy with it. Afterwards I didn’t buy the Rhino statue as I didn’t love it as much as I hoped I would. And I am not like Chardy who absolutely loves the guy.  But Mag is one I would like to set next to Exalibur as both the pose and the chosen weapons are just amazing. I’m really curious to see what the other statues will look like. But so far they embody their in-game counterparts just perfectly.
Another new addition is the Exalibur Symbiote who looks like a sneaky computer guardian. This one I haven’t seen in real life, but I hope to see some of the pictures soon. It looks really cute though.

And last but not least. My main desire is the Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia. I am a huge Star Wars fan and I love the SWToR game and storylines. It also happens that this is one of the few things of the games that is not in my collection. I do own the artbooks and the novels so it’s only right that this needs to be added as well. I tried to buy it twice only to be told it was sold out after I already got an order confirmation.
The game and era is really rich in lore and this title gives more insight and information about time-lines, characters and locations. So it would be fun to read this and find out more about Darth Marr, Darth Ravage and the rest of the Dark Council. But also to see more information about the worlds, the space ships and the different groups and factions.

I love wearing clothing items with a geeky edge to it.  Luckily there are more and more stores that sell such apparel in the form of skirts, dresses, hoodies and more. One of the sites I’m a big fan of is Her Universe who sells a lot of cool clothing from some of my favourite fandoms.
But truth to be told, it’s the Star Wars line that has stolen my geeky dark sided heart and I am thinking of placing an order soon. I mean, just look at it!

These six items are on my Must-Have list.
An Imperial cardigan is perfect for many reasons, one of them being the fact that I mostly play an imperial bastard when I get the chance. And the same with the Dark Side hoodie, after all why join the jedi when the dark side is cooler, and has cookies?
The lightsaber shirt and skirt are fun combination, it looks very girly in a silhouette that I like, while at the same time showing your love for Star Wars.
A Phasma shirt, because Phasma is awesome and the shirt colours are some of my favourite. And last but not least is the Hoth dress which is just.. icy perfection.

When I bought my first Funko Pop! figure I never could have guessed that I would keep buying them. But here I am, slowly building up a collection of figures. Even my mother has joined in and ordered her first few Star Wars figures. Still there are always some figures that I really want to add to my collection.
For the Pop! figures I really know which ones I do want and which I don’t. While with the Vinyl figures I pretty much like all the My Little Ponies versions, I only own Applejack. Partly that is because they can be hard to come by and can get pretty expensive due to the many special editions.
They also have soft toys of several popculture figures, they even have a plush princess Leia.
And another big plus is that they are available here as well, so no custom charges and high shipping costs.


After being ill, I have noticed I am easily out of breath and I can’t function on my old activity level. This is because I am still recovering and my blood levels are still very off. But that doesn’t mean I can’t try and do something about it.
Currently I am starting to walk more and aim to take 10.000 steps a day so I can build everything up. But I really want an activity tracker for it so I have a bit more insight into what I am doing. Something that works on my mobile phone with an app so I can check it on the go.
I heard a lot of good things about the Jawbone Up series and after some research I decided I want the Jawbone Up2. One of the biggest complaints was the way the bracelet closed and a new version that fixed that will be released. I can’t wait!


While they are on my wishlist I am actually thinking of buying the Jawbone up2 for myself very soon. And the same goes for some of the Her Universe gear, as I have at least 6 reasons why I have to have the Imperial High Commander cardigan.

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