Summer 2015 gaming wishlist

Summer is on it’s way which for me means less time playing games and more time spending outside.
Since I am not the only one planning to do that you see that most people seem to play a bit less over the summer. And developers seem to realise that so summer is always a bit of a dry season for video-gaming.

But if you know anything about the Dutch weather, you know there will also be days that rain will be pouring from the skies. So it might be handy to keep some games on hand just in case that the weather is not really suitable for outdoor activities.
Luckily there are still some nice titles being released in the upcoming two months. And while the list is short compared to the winter months, there is still enough to make sure you will be entertained on those rainy days.

1. Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – PC/ PS4/ Xboxone
    Release: 19 May 2015
Yes, finally Geralt is back! A lot of people have been waiting anxiously for this game and finally their patience is rewarded.
The game is based on the popular series of fantasy books by Andrzej Sapkowski. The story deals with Geralt of Rivia, a Witcher, trying to solve mysteries and save the world from certain doom and destruction. This time the world is bigger than in the previous two games and it seems that the difficulty has been upped a bit for combat. So you can’t storm blindly in but need to make choices based on weapons and surroundings. When it comes to graphics it looks spectacular and I do hope they manage to keep the quality high without slowing game-play down.
As for the romance lovers, the romances are back and from what has been said the scenes proof to be quite steamy. Although I am still not sure about make out session on the back of a unicorn. I think I will pass on that one.
If you want the total story it might be wise (not necessary) to play the first two game before this one. These days the previous instalments can be picked up very cheap at Steam and the game-stores. However be advised though that Witcher 1 is PC only and that the Witcher 2 is PC/Xbox360 only.
I was lucky enough to catch the demo on Gamescom last year. Chardy, my gamer in crime, convinced me to wait in line for it. What I saw there was enough to add the game to my wishlist.


2. Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel unlimited – PS4/XboxOne (already out on pc)
    Release: 9 June 2015
We have been waiting awhile but now the console gamers can finally venture into Tamriel. It’s time for you to take up arms against the Daedric prince Molag Bal who is up to no good (again) and save the world. If you played the Elder Scrolls series before ( Morrowind, Oblivion or Skyrim) you will see a lot of familiar places and lore passing by. While some areas are still closed, you will see plenty of beautiful landmarks and awesome sights along the way.
I played the game on the pc and thought it had great potential and was a lot of fun. But truth to be told I missed some options in the game and slowly moved on to something else. But since the initial release a lot of features have been activated in the game or changes have been made after feedback. From what I have seen so far I really like what they did and want to try it again. Even better is that it no longer requires a subscription. So I picked it up for the PS4 for cheap.
If you have the game for the PC you have the opportunity to pick up a PS4/XboxOne copy for $14,99/€14,99.


3. Batman: Arkham Knight – PC/PS4/XboxOne
Release: 23 June 2015
The dark knight returns once again to save Gotham in it’s time of need. And now it’s the Scarecrow who along with the other villains ( Harley, Penguin, Riddler, Two-face etc.) are trying to kill Batman. Scarecrow manages to get Gotham evacuated so there is no one left in the city but Batman, the Gotham police and way too many triggerhappy criminals. This title also features Arkham Knight as a new villain who was created specifically for this game. At this time not much is known about the character but I am looking forward to see it in the game.
The world in which you play is said to be bigger than before with three main districts to explore. Another cool option is that you are finally allowed to drive the batmobile around the city to support your crime fighting antics. I am looking forward to new combat upgrades as well and see if they managed to make the battle system a bit more fluid.
Hopefully it all comes together well and we can sit back and see how the last part of Batman’s story unfolds.


4. Final Fantasy X/ Final Fantasy X-2 (remastered) – PS4
Release: 15 May 2015
This game is something I will buy just purelu because I am nostalgic. When the original version of Final Fantasy X came out, my brother and  I played this game for days on end. We spent our days on the couch with tea, tosti’s, a strategy guide and notepads just so we could beat this game. When FFX-2 was released we did this again and even though the game felt really different, we still loved it. And let’s be fair that opening scene is still awesome.
Both titles are now coming out as a remake for the PS4 and I can’t resist to buy it again. Just so I can spend a few rainy days playing the game and pretend I am still the same person I was 13 years ago.

One Comment on “Summer 2015 gaming wishlist

  1. Nice list, but don’t forget to put Beyond Eyes on your list.
    Not sure what your thoughts are regarding indie games, but this one reminds me of Unfinished Swan somewhat which I really enjoyed.

    FFX had a great combat system btw & I loved the sphere grid, but otherwise..
    Not sure why you want to be the person again you were 13 years ago. Truth be told I don’t know her, but this one don’t seem too bad. 😉

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