The Steam Summer Sale 2015 is coming!

Brace yourself! The Steam Summer Sale 2015 is coming!
Many gamers will rejoice now that some new details about the upcoming Steam Summer Sale seem to have been leaked. So ready your wallets and make some space on your hard disks because chances are that new games are coming your way.

The news was originally reported by the site Destructoid. Where the site found out that on the official Steam page on Vkontakte  a small update was posted.
“Steam Sale starts June 11 at 20:00 Moscow time. June 20 will begin “Sale Encore,” which will involve all the companies that participated in the Summer Sale . The very sale ends June 22 at 20:00 Moscow time. The events and other details so far unknown. Also we advise to read our guidance on sales, not to spend all the money in one day.”

So if this is true, the sale will start on the 11th of June and last until the 22nd of June. Like always the last two days will be the so-called encore days where all the best selling games from the sale will be up for grabs again, in case you missed them.
The Steam summer sale is well known for having very good prices and offering a variety of genres on sale. Over the years I have seen games being discounted from 15% to even 85% and some very popular and newer games really went away for crazy prices.
Furthermore while you buy things you can collect cards and tokens which in turn can be put into sets and turned in for nice little gifts. The gifts include Steam profile backgrounds, chat emoticons but also fun in-game items. Each year the Steam summer sale has a new theme and new items up for grabs and some of them can actually be resold for high prices.

If you miss out on the sales you shouldn’t fear too much. There are always ongoing sales and if you place a game on your Steam wishlist, you will be notified when the title goes on sale again.
And don’t forget that there is an Autumn sale and also a big Winter Holiday sale where the prices drop again.
The only downside to this all is that your gaming backlog will only keep on growing. But that’s a small price to pay for all the goodies you can score.

The collectible cards from the Steam Summer Sale of 2013

There are a “few” games that I hope that will be popping up in the Steam sale like Elder Signs: Omen, Folktale, The Talos Principle and the Viscera Cleanup Detail.
And last but not least, hoping for a Warframe deal on the DLC. And since it’s a few days after my birthday I might have gotten some Steam cash to spend.

So happy steam summer sale hunting, and may the gaming odds be forever in your favour!

3 Comments on “The Steam Summer Sale 2015 is coming!

  1. I’m a big fan of the Steam wishlist, it’s a great customer service feature thingy and since I’m quite patient (some might say a bit too patient perhaps..) I usually pay next to nothing for my -Steam- games.

  2. Well.. that cost me an arm and a leg. But, more games to play!

    • Eugh, I know 🙁
      I am closing in under the 200 games. I really need to work on that backlog now.

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