Gaming Backlog #2

As I previously mentioned in a post, I am still working through my gaming backlog. And I have to say I behaved pretty well the last few weeks and didn’t go too crazy at the Steam Summer Sale. Really… I only bought 8 games 😛
But new games means I need to finish older ones first. So it’s a perfect moment to see just how far I have come with my old list and make a new one for the coming summer months. I hope to have most of these done at the end of September which will leave me plenty of time to rank up in Warframe and soak up the sun, raid some bbq’s and enjoy some cocktails.


Last time my list had 6 items on it. I will briefly update you about which game I played and if I finished them all.
1. Walking Dead Season 1 – Sadly I didn’t finish this one. So I will move it to my new list as I did play a bit last night and it remains a gem.
2. Lost Eden – Finished this one! And once again I fell in love with the music which can be found here on Spotify.
3. Kingdoms of Amalur – Almost done with this one. I loved it and I am kinda sad that the studio has closed and we probably won’t see any new content or games in this setting.
4. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – I played a bit at my friends home but multiplayer isn’t my thing. I will focus on the single player missions for this in the coming time. Because storywise it seems like fun.
5. The 7th Guest – Finished! It was funny to see how I still knew the solutions to many puzzles even though it has been so many years since I last played it.
6. Bioshock – Finished this as well. And I thought the setting, the story and the music really worked well in creating a rather unique atmosphere. Can’t wait to start on Bioshock 2.

Now onwards to my new list!

Since I am well under way with two games, it wouldn’t be fair to just add four other games and be done with it. Since I really want to finish six games per Backlog list
So I added two smaller games on it as well to make sure I stay on track.

1. Walking Dead Season 1
I haven’t really had a chance to play this game in the past few weeks since I was rather busy. And this game is one you need to take your time for to get immersed in the story as every decision counts. And it would be troublesome to go in and out of the game making decisions on stuff you kinda forgot about.
But I am looking forward to giving it another go in the late hours of the Friday night. I know I have time and it would provide a perfect setting for the game and the walkers in it.

2. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
This game I have played for a bit and I do like the storyline in the single player. But so far the multi-player never really grabbed me or could entertain me for long.
I like the setting of the game and the graphics are really cool as well. Add the story-mode, voice-acting and the big arsenal of cool weapons and I am a really happy gamer.
But truth be told I would probably just focus on finishing the single player and finish that one and perhaps occasionally join my friends. From what I have seen so far if it comes to multi-player games, I prefer Warframe.

3. Borderlands
Most of my friends absolutely adore the Borderlands series. To be fair they gave me the game as a gift after I had to listen to them rave about it for hours at the pub. But to this day I never actually played the games and that needs to change if I want to finally find out about “Handsome”Jack, Sirens and Pandora.
So this is the first game I will fire up and see whether I can finish it at the end of August. It should be right up my alley and I wonder if I am going to become just as invested in the series and the characters as my friends are. But I am looking forward to finally actually play the game.

4. Batman: Arkham Origins
I have finished the previous two games and enjoyed them immensely. But at one point I started with Origins and at one point just stopped playing. I took a look at my stats and saw I played it for only 6 hours and that was a year ago. From what I remember I moved away from gaming back then to focus on some real life stuff.
So time to give it another go as I am a huge fan of the series and can’t wait to see how it all started. And since the new game is out I’d rather finish the previous games first before I even can start on Arkham knight. And it does have some of my favourite villains like the (would be) Riddler, Bane and the Penguin.

5. Homefront
I got this game when I bought the Space Marine game some time back. Like Space Marine it has been published by the now defunct THQ studios which made a lot of great games. I saw this game in my list and when I read the story premise it looked interesting. A game where for once the US wasn’t invading stuff but has been taken over by another country. Actually I have no idea what to expect from this game but I am just going to give it a go and see where we will end.

6. Myst: Masterpiece edition
Another game I want to play for old time’s sake. I played Myst when I was a little girl and have good memories of the game and the many puzzles. Currently you can get the Masterpiece edition and the Real Myst masterpiece edition. I have the masterpiece version which is the remake of the old game with newer graphics. The real Myst edition features free exploring and instead of pre-rendered graphics you get a more real time scene complete with lighting and weather effects.
With Lost Eden and the 7th Guest it was just like I remembered so I wonder how this version I have will hold up to the childhood memories I have.

7. Cook, Serve, Delicious!
I love cooking and baking in the kitchen. So it should come as no surprise that I have a weakness for cooking games as well. On my DS I finished all the Cooking Mama games. And even on my smartphone I play cooking games.
This game was gifted to me as a thank you for making a birthday cake and a tray of cookies. I have been playing it for quite some time now but never finished it. I actually keep restarting it to get a perfect run and get as many achievements as I can. Time to actually finish a game and see if I can keep myself standing as the chef of a 5 star restaurant.

8. Papers, Please!
This is an indie puzzle game that I am really curious about. In this game you play a person at the border of a fictive country who needs to determine whether certain visitors are allowed into your country or not. You have different ways to talk to people to determine what their true goals are. But you can also research their claims and confront them if things don’t add up. At the end of the day you have to decide if they gain entry and you will be told in the game if you made the right call. If not it will cost you a bit of your daily income. The reviews have been really good and I look forward to see if I can solve the riddles.

I plan to finish this Gaming Backlog at the end of September.

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