Fallout 4

Finally! After years of speculation we got the announcement we’ve been waiting for, Fallout 4!. This game will be heading our way in the near future.
Fallout is a series of rpg video-games which deals with a post apocalyptic wild setting in the United States. It tells of a war for resources that rages for quite some time and around 2077 when nuclear devices were launched into the world and started a nuclear apocalypse.
As luck will have it, some of this had been foreseen and big Vaults were built to protect people from the blast and the subsequent fallout. Sadly more than 40,000 of these vaults were needed and only 122 were completed. But while playing the games you will find out why there really were so few vaults built and what was the plan behind it all.

In the games you take the role of a character who lives in this world and ventures out of the “safety”of the vault and into whatever is left behind in the wastelands. During your time you will help people, explore areas, meet friend and foe and try to make sense of the world.
The series is very popular among gamers and people have long waited for this announcement. So let’s see what has been revealed so far.

Fallout 4

Just before the E3 takes off we were teased by Bethesda that there would be a Fallout announcement. And right away people around me started to cross their fingers and hope that after 5 years we would finally get a new Fallout game. Their patience was rewarded as a new trailer for Fallout 4 was finally unveiled.

Naturally after the trailer, the hype started and in certain places people were in full motion to analyse the trailer and find out as much as they could. There are several theories doing the rounds on the internet right now. From the supposed game locations and timeframe to which old characters might be popping up.
So far the information we do have tells us very little about the game and we have to wait patiently for the E3 to actually start next week so we can find out more.

Still there is some information that could be picked up from the trailer to see what Fallout 4 will bring to the gamers.
This time the setting seems to be in and around Boston as can be seen from some of the landmarks that popped up in trailers. What was also interesting is that the colours seem more vibrant and present than they were in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. Which would be a nice departure from the old “fifty shades of brown and grey” that used to be all the craze in the Wastelands.

Interior Fallout 4

A new thing is that the player character actually speaks for the first time. In the previous games everyone did the talking for you and the player character never really spoke. So it will be a bit different to hear him or her speak.
And if we go by earlier games and the trailer, we start off in or near Vault 111 and make our way into the great unknown from that point.Something else that I noticed was how many flashbacks there were in the trailer. So hopefully this means we get more information about what happened and we might be able to see or play footage from that time. It would be really cool to actually see what happened before the bombs went off.
The footage so far looks gorgeous and I was surprised to actually see a machine-ship flying through the sky. Hopefully we will be able to use vehicles this time, which would be a nice addition to the game.

Fallout 4 exterior

Just looking at the trailer and after playing some of the other games, I am actually pretty hyped up for this one. It has great landscapes and the stuff I saw for was really intriguing. So I am definitely keeping an eye on this title.

Now if you will excuse me, I have some older Fallout games to finish. 😉

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