Irregular Choice Muppets

This past week it was time for the release of the Irregular Choice Muppets collection. As a big time fan of the Muppets this was a collection that immediately grabbed my attention. As always the Irregular Choice brand remains a popular one its is a perfect combination with the wonderful world of the Muppets.

They did some awesome collections with Star Wars and Alice in Wonderland so many were excited what they designed for the Muppets. This time not only did Irregular Choice Muppets collection have it usual share of shoes but also bags and matching tights were included. Time to see if the collection is as awesome as I hope it will be.

Irregular Choice Muppets
Image by Irregular Choice

The shoes are available in sizes 36- 43 (EU) / 3.5- 8.5 (UK) / 5.5-11.5 (US)
And most have lovely Muppet prints on the soles of the shoes.
The tights are One Size fits most and are expected to run up to a UK size 16 / Eu 42/ US 12

First up are the high heels with the Animal and Mahna Mahna design.
Bright and fuzzy like we expect the Muppets to be.

Irregular Choice Muppets - Animal Louder Louder – £159 / €181 / $210

manaMahna Mahna – £140 / €159 / $185

Time for my favourite Muppet, the awesome Miss Piggy!
The designs are like her character and perfect to  show your inner Diva.

piggyFierce Piggy – £220 / €250 / $291

piggy2She’s Hip He’s Hop – £220 / €250 / $291 & Hiii Yaaa Handbag £145 / €165 / $192

The rest of the Muppets are not forgotten about and there is plenty to choose from. Fozzie Bear, Gonzo and Statler and Waldorf.

grumpyBoo Hiss – £129 / €147 / $171 & Wocka Wocka Bag £160 / €182 / $212

gonzoThe Great Gonzo – £140 / €159 / $185 & Daredevil Purse £30 / €35 / $40

kermyKermit The Frog – £129 / €147 / $171 & Love Is Green Purse £30 / €35 / $40

And there are (matching) Muppets tights! They look like a lot of fun to use to brighten up an outfit or match it with the shoes and bags from this collection.tightsWho Moi Tights ,The Muppets Tights, Miss Piggy Tights  – £26 / €30 / $35

The complete Irregular Choice Muppets collection can be found on the site.
A part of the Muppets collection is sold out on the official site but I hope there will be restocks soon. You can always call them and see if there are any left in the physical stores. If that doesn’t work out there are other companies like Millars, Spartoo, and Schuh which offer a few of the designs.
This is the entire list with official stockists thanks to the folks from Irregular Choice.
And good news for the Dutch fans, we now have stockist like well and can buy over at Spartoo, Succubus and Sarenza.

So far I think the Irregular Choice Muppets collection is certainly a hit as it perfectly finds the balance between cool shoes and the Muppets vibe. And some of the bags are just amazing! I do hope to see some of the other characters like Dr. Bunsen & Beaker, Rowlf, Swedish Chef and Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem in an upcoming collection. But so far they aced it!

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