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It’s not a secret that I really like shoes. Another thing I really like is when they are Geek shoes or styles that are inspired or printed with one of the many things I happen to like. Luckily for my wallet I am pretty picky with things and so far my collection is very small and my bank account is safe.

A few years back it was very hard to find collections of footwear that had any ties to popular fandoms or pop-culture. And it they were around, they were often not released outside of the US making them almost impossible to get. For me Adidas was one of the first to break that when they released the Star Wars collection around 2010/2011. I still had to go to Amsterdam for it, but at least we had a shot.

So it is very encouraging to see that currently there are multiple brands that are bringing out collection with geek shoes. You have collections of Star Wars, Adventure Time, Disney, Marvel, DC and more. And the best thing is that most have affordable prices, are available worldwide and are not just made in adult men’s sizes any more.



For me this brand was one of the first to come out with a dedicated line for geek shoes. And I have to say that the old Adidas x Star Wars collection will remain one of my favourite collections to date.
For a bit there was no news on a new collection. But with the new film on the horizon they are releasing new collections of Star Wars clothing and shoes. They started with an initial collection at the start of 2015 and have been slowly adding pieces to the collection.
Sadly the collection seems to be focused at children and most pieces are therefore only available in small sizes. Which is great if you have small rebels running around, but disappointing for the grown up fans of the film.


They also have a small Marvel Avengers collection for children. But sadly they don’t seem to sell the bigger sizes any more and the collection is old by industry standards. So most has been sold out by now. The local Adidas sites (UK, NL, DE) have some more pieces left and even sell the t-shirts in adult sizes.


Dr Martens

I love Doctor Martens shoes as they last me a long time and once you break them in, they fit so perfectly. They have always had great prints and designs on their shoes and this has gotten better over the years. Dr Martens has recently released a very cool Adventure Time x Dr Martens collection, with some of the fan favourite characters of the show.
Personally I have to admit that I haven’t really watched the show, but my friends have and they pretty much immediately ordered the shoes when they came available. And I have to say that they look great and they seem to be really pleased with them.
They brought out the shoes in different sizes and styles so that both children and adults can enjoy the collection.
While some sizes or styles might be unavailable on the site, local Dr Martens stores and resellers might have some stock left.

Finn and Jake size 28 – 34 / Marceline size 23 – 47 / Jake size 28-47

Another line which is a bit geeky is their line which takes inspiration of some of the most famous painters. Previously they had collection featuring Hieronymus Bosch which was really popular. And for this season they released another collection with work from William Hogarth. And I have to say that I really love the look of the collection, the bag is by far my favourite piece.
With this in mind I am still hoping for a collection with Pieter Breughel and the “The Triumph of Death” art. In the mean time I will just stare at these gorgeous 1460- tattoo boots as well. There are just too many cool designs. Sadly most of these designs are not available worldwide (yet).
hogarth - dr Martens Geek shoes

Vans X Disney
Among my friends the new collaboration of Vans with Disney proved to be quite popular as well. And I can see why as they took some of the coolest designs and put them on some of their most popular shoe styles.
Currently they are now on their second wave of the Vans X Disney collection and this time they feature new titles like Alice in Wonderland, Jungle Book and 101 Dalmatians. One of the best things is that their collection come in a wide variety of sizes with stuff for toddlers, children and adults alike.  I do love the high sneakers with the Alice in Wonderland design and I am contemplating to see whether I can find a pair in my size.
Previously Vans did a collaboration with Star Wars ( 2013) but sadly many of those pieces have long sold out. If you are lucky you can find a few pairs at Ebay or at local retailers.

Iron Fist
iron fist has brought a small mini collection of two favourite 80’s cartoons. Namely My Little Pony and Care Bears.
The Care Bears collection is the current one and includes shoes, a bag and clothing. And I have to say while pink is usually not my colour, I do like this throwback to the 80’s. Also it is nice to know that many of the pieces in the Iron Fist collection are made of “Vegan leather”.


There is an older collection of My Little Pony as well, and many of these pieces are still available at retailers across the globe. What I like is that they really went for the so called “Generation 1” ponies rather than the “Friendship is Magic” style. And it really is a bit of sentiment for me as I collected these ponies when I was still a young geek and spend hours playing with them. So if I want to buy anything from Iron Fist, it will be something from this collection.


Nicholas Kirkwood
This 35 year old designer makes gorgeous shoe designs that instantly had me hooked. He released his first collection in 2005 and now, 10 years later, he celebrates that with something truly amazing. A collection called “Nicholas Kirkwood 10” and is entirely inspired by videogames from the 80’s. The collection features both shoes and accessories inspired by Star Wars, Back to the Future, Pac Man and much more. I love them!
Sadly I expect them to be really pricey and out of reach for most of us mere mortals. But if I ever win the lottery they are on my list to buy. Until that moment I just stare at them through my screen and admire them from afar.

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