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Comic book fans, rejoice! Because tonight it’s time for another Black Milk release with gear from DC Comics.
As some fans might remember, last year Black Milk Clothing released a line with all kinds of cool gear from the DC comics universe. The line proved to be pretty popular and a lot of fans asked for more. And their patience has been rewarded.

In this post I will show you the new gear that’s coming out, as well as some favourites from the previous release that I am still saving up for. There are just so many awesome pieces that they have been releasing that it’s hard to make a choice.

So get ready for some awesome new gear being made available in this new Black Milk release.
The release time is tonight  01.00 (Amsterdam)/ 00.00 ( London)/ 16.00 Los Angeles PDT/ 19.00 New York EDT.

All images in this post are property of Black Milk

First up are the shooters. These are basically over-sized basketball shirts which have a kind of mesh structure. The choice of fabric make them very airy and do require a sports-bra or top to be worn under it. Also these are both limited and are expected to sell out in mere minutes. If you want them, make sure to be there when the release goes live and click like a proper ninja.

Next up are the new touchdowns. The touchdown designs remind me of these really cool over sized sport shirts and the designs are just gorgeous <3.
The pieces are made of very light material and are perfect to wear in the spring and summer weather. Be a bit careful with the fabric, because while it looks cool and vibrant it is also a bit more delicate than normal sport shirts.
Be aware that the Superman Touchdown is again limited, so if you want it get it asap as it will sell out in minutes.

And here are some of the pieces from the previous releases which are still available and perfect for comic-book fans. Tonight the page will be updated with all the other pieces from the current release.
I just love these suits and even better is that they have a Superman Suit as well. The pieces themselves come with the detachable capes so you can choose if you want to wear it with or without the cape. All the suits can be used a swimsuits as well and will be a great addition to any geek summer wardrobe.


Leggings! Whoever said that leggings are ugly or boring obviously never seen designs like these. You can style them in many different ways and just put some cool sneakers, Dr. Martens or heels under it and you can rock it! They have Harley Quinn leggings as well and like the Riddler leggings they would be perfect for cosplay.


And last but not least are the Harley Quinn skater dress and the Killing Joke bomber. The Harley skater dress is really versatile and can be used for a cool every day look or for a cool cosplay outfit. And even better, they have a version of the Riddler as well.
As for the bomber jacket, I love how you have the comic panels in the front and the iconic Joker image on the back. Not only is it a really cool bomber, it’s also the perfect jacket for spring and summer

Personally I will be going for the Harley Quinn Shooter and Harley Quinn Touchdown tonight. And on a later date I hope to have saved up enough to get the Batman cape suit and the Harley Quinn skater. And that’s the problem with Black Milk, they bring out so much amazing gear that there is no way I can ever get all the stuff I want :(. All these choices I have to make.

For more on the Black Milk release, check out their Pinterest page or their Homepage.
Which are your favourites?

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