Fashion: Black Milk Fantasy League

And we are back again with another cool and geek inspired collection from Black Milk. They have been featured before with their Doctor Who collection and many more.
Before Doctor Who the company had already released collections from Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Sadly most of the older items are discontinued and very hard to come by.

But as luck would have it we seem to get another shot at some epic Lord of the Ring and Harry Potter items. The new release takes the form of a “Black Milk Fantasy League” collection. This small release features a total of 8 pieces, 4 for each fandom. It will consist of only touchdowns this time, which are their version of soccer shirts. And instead of actual existing teams it will give you the chance for your favourite fantasy team. Ready to rumble?

Black Milk Fantasy League

The Harry Potter Collection
This Black Milk Fantasy League is based on the previous (basketball) shooters that they already brought out some time ago. They were really popular but have since been discontinued and a lot of people asked for a return. So here they are in a slightly altered form but in the same colours and teams as before.
There are four versions each representing a house and their champion. So if you ever wanted a shirt to score some extra house points? This is your chance.

Black Milk Harry Potter
The prices are € 77,00/ £ 58,00/ $ 83,00


The Lord of the Rings Collection
This one features artwork from the many areas of the Lord of the Rings stories and films. Rivendell, Mordor, Halflings and Dwarves, they are all represented in this selection to battle for the Ring. And I have to say I liked what they did with the designs and their choice of teams. So who are you rooting for in the Black Milk Fantasy League?

Black Milk Lord of the Rings
The prices are € 77,00/ £ 58,00/ $ 83,00


Personally I am tempted to get the Slytherin touchdown and Rivendell from Lord of the Rings. But I have to be careful as I already have a huge wishlist from Black Milk and I keep adding to it. Not too mention that both Mordor and Erebor have my attention as well.

These touchdowns will set you back a bit more than the normal Black Milk versions. But the mark up in price is due to the licensing fees that need to be paid. I do hope that they stick around for a bit so that people (like me) can save up.
Also be aware that they didn’t choose to bring out an XXL size which will probably disappoint some fans who were hoping to have the same options as with the Doctor Who release. I hope Black Milk will reconsider and add that option at a later date.

The release time of the Black Milk Fantasy League will be 9am AEST on Tuesday the 19th of January for Australia. Which means it will be 11.00 Pm on Monday for the UK and 00.00 Monday/ Tuesday for the Netherlands. Lucky for us this time the release is not limited so if you miss out, there will be a restock in the near future.

So do you see anything you like?



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