Fashion: Black Milk Day vs Night collection

Another month and another geek worthy collection by Black Milk. This time we will be taking a closer look at the Black Milk Day vs Night collection which is all about the new DC film, Batman VS Superman. It is a small collection with only 10 pieces at this time, some of which are already available in other variations on the site.
But luckily it is just not all about the Bats and Supes, we get some nice pieces for Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn and the Riddler as well.

Black Milk Day VS Night

Superman Batman Muscle Suit

First up in the Black Milk Day vs Night collection are the unisex muscle tops. These are made of a light and super-soft fabric that will keep you cool in the summer and during work outs. I have to say they look really cool and if the fabric is as they say it is, they will be perfect for the coming summer.

I love the skater dresses from Black Milk and own a small collection of them. Changing the original swimsuit designs into skater dresses was a really nice choice. I am particular enchanted with the Superman dress which would be perfect for a Supergirl cosplay.

What would Superman be without the Bat? The Batman swimsuit also got changed into a skater variation with a lovely bat trim on the skirt part. And for the Harley Quinn fans, they got a reef suit with a collar which seems to be inspired by the animated series. The collar is detachable if you want to got for a different look.

More Harley Quinn who seems to be one of the more popular characters for releases such as this. And not without reason as I think Red/Black is always a good combination.
This time they added a long sleeved crop top to the collection and a matching skirt. Even better, the skirt has (hidden) pockets which are great to hide your tools in for dealing with your opponents.

Last but not least is the swimsuit with a variety of the Batman titles logos and a catsuit version of one of my favourite characters; The Riddler. The swimsuit is one of the newer designs for the Black Milk Day vs Night collection.

The geeky collection won’t stop there and at the end of April a collection of new Game of Thrones gear will be hitting the stores. This will be followed by a collection of more DC clothing near the release date of the Suicide Squad.
Another thing to note is that the US store of Black Milk will be closing down this week. meaning that to order your nylon goodies you will have to go over to the international/Australian main site of the brand. While it may take longer to get the items in hand, the brand has promised that there will be free shipping to the US. You can read the full statement here.

Personally I think the Black Milk Day vs Night collection is a lot of fun but sadly not really for me. Most of the designs shown here are just converted into dresses or catsuits based on popular demand. So finally fans get their dresses instead of swimsuits.
Sadly the belt section of the dresses seem to sit a bit high and I think with a fuller bust it can make it look a bit funky. You can try to size up but chances are it might get a bit too loose around the waist. Another missed opportunity is that unlike the swimsuits the dresses won’t come with detachable capes, something that would have made the pieces even more awesome.

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