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Autumn has just started and I am enjoying the change of seasons. Personally it’s my favourite time of the year and I love how many brands bring out items specifically suited for this season. But with autumn starting it means that Halloween is approaching soon as well. Even though Europe doesn’t celebrate it that much (yet), it’s enough reason for me to dress up, make snacks and watch some scary movies.
The coming festivities also signal that it’s time for another Black Milk Halloween collection! This time the theme of the collection is Lady Anarchy and besides the usual scary prints, you can find some steampunk inspired pieces as well.

I featured Black Milk before and own quite a collection of items. And among the many fans of the brand (affectionately known as Sharkies) the Halloween release is one of the high points of the year. People start saving up beforehand so they can get their hands on items for both the Halloween parties as well as the rest of the year.
What I like about the Black Milk Halloween collection is that it features many pieces that you can wear throughout the year and it will still look awesome. And again in this collection there are enough pieces that you can dress up or down.
So here is a look at some of the collection and also the pieces that made it onto my “I have to buy this” list.

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The Black Milk Halloween collection will be available online on the 6th October 01.00 AM – CET or 6th October 00.00 AM for people in that  time zone.
As is always the case, if you want the limited items you have to be quick as things sometime sell out within a minute. So get your ninja skills ready and may the (Halloween) force be with you!

First of is the release of many Burned velvet pieces. This has been a popular Black Milk staple piece for years now and I can’t recommend it enough. The fabric is heavy yet flowy without being too constricting or warm. And it’s easy to wear to parties or the office by simply dressing it up or down with accessories. Be warned though the burned velvet is see through in the lighter areas, but by wearing nude coloured underwear it will look gorgeous.
These are just two of the pieces but the release also contains a crop top and legging in this red fabric. If you are more a fan of this fabric in black, they have that as well in leggings, crop top and maxi skirt
Be careful most of the Burned Velvet pieces are limited and expected to sell out soon.

The Blood Splatter Play Dress is an older print that has been brought out as leggings, skater, catsuit and much more. It has always been one of the more popular Black Milk Halloween prints throughout the years. A play dress has a high neckline and the skirt part is more clingy to the body being less flowy than a skater dress. It’s perfect for any fan of Dexter, CSI or blood splatter in general.
The Dark Places skater has a busy print in which you can see ghostly faces and apparitions appear. Perfect for people who like their stuff a bit spooky and scary. The skater dresses often come in two different cuts. A scoop skater and a reversible skater version. Which one you like best is up to personal preference. I prefer the scoop line as it hides the bra straps better and is more flattering overall to my chest area.


These are some of my favourite pieces as I am a huge fan of the stories of H.P. Lovecraft and Cthulhu. I already own a dress with this print but the shooter and the pocket skater skirt would be perfect for next summer. And like the name reveals the skater skirt actually has pockets which are perfectly hidden away at the sides.
While I love the crop top and skater skirt combination, I am not a crop top person. Luckily both pieces you can perfectly combine with other clothing as well so you can buy them separately instead of having to buy it as a set.
In this case the shooter is limited while the Cthulhu crop top and pocket skater skirt are not and will be restocked if they sell out.

The Spellbound Skater was one of the first pieces that was sneaked to the fans. And I have to say that I fell in love instantly as it reminded me of a grimoire and the old stories I grew up with about both the scary ones but also the ones filled with wisdom. For some reason I really think this is a cool print and both the scribbly handwriting and the illustration only add to the charm. There is a legging being released in this print as well.
The Bleeding Skull BFT is a so called “Boyfriend Cut”. It’s an unisex item that is perfect for everyone and is supposed to be a bit oversized. This print (with only the skull) is also being brought as a sleeveless crop top. The BFT is limited and the Top can only be ordered in the first 48 hours of the release.

These are the first pieces which are clearly inspired by the Steampunk part of the collection. You have the Ultra Buckled Bolero which will be perfect on many of the dresses that are in this Black Milk Halloween release. And even on the older dresses from previous times or other brands. This Bolero just looks stunning  and I can already think of a few outfit ideas for it.
The Ultra Buckled Bralette looks like something that will steal the show if worn under things like sheer tops and capes. It gives just that extra cool edge to an outfit. My only worry is that the Buckled Bralette is not going to work for people who have a bigger cup size. Since there seems to be no real support build into the garment, which is a bit of a pity as that means the straps would also likely become painful for some.
Next to these two pieces they are also bringing out a pair of buckled suspender leggings and a more simple version of buckled bralette with only one buckle at the front instead of three. All buckled items are limited.

First up is the Steam Punk Alloy Skater. While it looks very busy from afar you do get drawn into the artwork as you get closer. With all the artwork of the steampunk collection there are a lot of nice little details to be found in the prints. It is a very nice option for Steampunk fans who love to dress in this style without having to get into their entire costume. And with the right bits and pieces it will be perfect for work and school.
The same can be said for the Steam Punk Brass leggings. Again a very detailed print that has quite a few admirers among my friends already. While Black Milk leggings are usually in a shiny finish they opted to have a more matte finish on this one. Which I think is more suiting to the overall design of this pair of leggings.

Black Milk is famous for their amazing IOD cut (Inside Out Dress) which are always highly sought after. The IOD is printed with a different design on both sides so if you want to change you just pull your dress inside out and a have a different print to wear.  I own a few of these and love the way they are cute and how flattering they are on all shapes and sizes.
For this version the chosen prints are Dark Moth on one side and Play With Me on the other side. The Dark Moth print is a print in primarily black and white with gorgeous drawn moth wings. While the other side features a lot of dolls giving it a creepy vibe which reminded me of the film “Dead Silence”. You can also get the Play With Me print in leggings and in a Play Dress.
The IOD is always very limited as most of the time only 1000 pieces or less are being made across all sizes. This means that sizes like the XL and XXS are always the first to sell out as there a fewer made of those. So if you want it, be fast!

There are plenty of other prints with ravens, steampunk, x-rays, tentacles and much more which you can find on the official release page or Pinterest from Black Milk.

Naturally I have my own wish-list as well. I really want to have both the Cthulhu pocket skater skirt and shooter to add to my collection. But also the Raven pocket skater skirt and the spellbound skater dress will be making their way into my wardrobe.  Like always there is just too much to choose from but luckily I saved up a bit to help me get all the pieces I want home.
The X-ray swimsuit and Kraken tentacle leggings are also pieces I have really started to love. But perhaps I’ll get those another time 😉

* all prices here were converted from the original AUD price from the Black Milk site. Prices can change due to the exchange rate and by buying through services/banks that charge extra fees (creditcard, paypal etc.)

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