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In recent time more and more brands are bringing out collections based on popular fandoms. We have seen our share of companies bringing out designs based on things like Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and more. And this time it’s one of my favourite brands who are releasing their official Black Milk Doctor Who collection to celebrate the popularity of the BBC series.
This was a highly anticipated and requested release and many fans have been patiently waiting for the collection to arrive. And here it finally is, just in time for the holidays and the upcoming new episodes of the series.

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With this collection Black Milk even increased their standard size range to include XXL for the so called Touchdown (football jersey) and Shooter (basketball shirt) designs. Which I think is a solid move as these pieces are very popular and people often asked if it was possible to get a size bigger, so here it is.
The majority of the collection however still is made up out of dresses, bodysuits and leggings. There is plenty to choose from for everyone, so if you always wanted to wear a Tardis dress? Well here is your chance!

Much to my surprise the collection is pretty big and consists entirely of pieces of Doctor who itself. Usually it also comes with a lot of designs that were merely inspired by the fandom they are releasing. But in this case they clearly focused on the Doctor Who pieces themselves.
Like with the popular Games of Thrones collection the prints are inspired by the iconic designs of the series and will not feature any of the actors faces. So sadly no Martha, Donna or 9th Doctor on shirts. But we do get plenty of Tardis, Dalek and Cybermen love.
All prices here are shown in Euro/ British Pound/US Dollar and are based on the currency exchange rate of 5/11/2015. The international site of Black Milk is in Australian Dollar only and prices can change based on exchange rate and fees from the payment system ( paypal, creditcard) that you choose.

First up is the famous inside out dress, a dress that is printed in a way that you can wear both sides. One of the sides features the outside of the Tardis and the other features the interior. The IOD (as it is lovingly called by fans) is one of the most popular designs and was always limited to 500-1000 pieces of a single design. But it seems that this time they wanted more people to have the chance to purchase it and there is no limit.
I own three versions of the IOD design and I have to admit it is amazingly versatile and the cut is extremely flattering on most body shapes and sizes.

The weeping angels are one of my favourite kind of villains from the Doctor Who universe. And in the Black Milk Doctor Who release they got their own pieces to help you scare your fellow fans.
First up is the shooter which is an amazing and airy take on the basketball shirts you so often see. I own quite a few of these and I love them for the springs and summer. This specific piece is high on my wish-list as it a nod to Leonardo Da Vinci.
And on the other hand we have the crop top which has two different pictures on it. In the front we see the face of a weeping angel while it still looks “normal”, while the back shows the angel in their attack mode. The top can be worn on both sides and difference can be seen on the site in detail.

Cybermen, the bane of my Doctor Who adventures as they creep me out. But I have to admit that I actually quite like these pieces.
First up is the Cybermen Swimsuit which is awesome even for non Doctor Who fans. It’s the perfect mecha-like swimsuit which makes you look you are donning a suit of nice protective armor. As always you can easily swim in it or pair with a skirt or trousers to create another style.
The Cybermen leggings look really nice as well and are a must have for fans of these villains.

And now for the fan favourite Daleks. These are by fair the most popular and famous opponents of the Doctor so needless to say they got a few pieces of their own.
The Dalek Skater dress is based on their older design/look from the Doctor Who Series. This dress is available with both a scoop neckline and a reversible neckline so it’s up to your personal preference. This specific design is also available as a swimsuit.
This time the crop top has the exact same image on both sides of the garment. So while reversible like the Weeping Angel one, it will always be the same image of the Daleks surrounding the Tardis. It is perfect with a cute (maxi) skirt and some kick ass shoes.

My personal favourites from this collection are the Black Milk Doctor Who touchdowns which feature the Daleks or the Cybermen. Black Milk has two fabric variations in Touchdown material and this time they opted to go with the heavier and more matte fabric. This is the more durable one, which a wise choice for gear that makes you want to rock it at the nearest convention.
The Cybermen design is the same on the back with only the word “DELETE” added to the top. The Dalek one has a different picture at the back of a lonely Dalek and the word “DALEK”on top. The touchdowns are perfect pieces for everyone and come in a wide range of sizes. Stay at your normal size and you have a nice and baggy look with this piece or size down if you want it a bit more form-fitting. Just check the size guide for advice.

The reefsuit is basically a long sleeved swimsuit, perfect for swimming, surfing or just for wearing it as a bodysuit. Its design is based on the clothing worn by the 11th doctor during his adventures through Space and Time.
The Play dress is based on the outfit of the 6th Doctor and is much more colourful. Play dresses are more fit to the body than skater dresses and the skirt part has less flow and fabric. It is a bit more clingy to the waist and stomach, There is also a design with the outfit of the 5th Doctor.


Among fans the Circular Gallifreyan script is a extremely popular and is even featured in tattoos. And one can see why as it is beautiful in its design and on these leggings they rock! The background with lava (colours) seem to represent the destruction of the planet Gallifrey where the language originated from. So for Doctor Who fans this design seem to be bitter-sweet indeed.
“Pandorica opens” is partly inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s Starry night painting which was featured in one of the Doctor Who episodes. It’s has proven to be¬† a very popular design and it came as no surprise to fans that it popped up in this collection as well. While I love the influence of van Gogh and this take on it, I am not sure it would actually suit me. But still it remains so beautiful to look at. You can get the design in both leggings and as a dress.

The Mash Up dress is a skater dress with long sleeves and perfect for a bit of colder weather. Unlike other the other skater dresses this one comes only with a scoop skater neckline and has no other version. The fabric features things like the Tardis, Daleks, Cybermen, Vashta Nerada and many more. There is also a pair of leggings with the same fabric which is high waisted and has a matte finish (HWMF).
The Tardis stencil dress is available with both the Scoop neckline and Reversible neckline option. And in this case it also comes as a legging in the so called HWMF finish.

The Slouchy design is the same one as the Tardis exterior on the IOD. The Design can also be found on leggings, a swimsuit and a playdress. But my personal vote would go to a slouchy which is a big cosy sweater lined with fleece. It is super warm, really comfortable and you never want to take it off. It also has pockets in the front, a hoodie and is long enough that you can totally get away with not wearing pants around the house. So comfy!
The Scream dress is a so called bodycon that clings to your body and has an amazing print on it.The designs also comes in a wifey top, which is a slight alteration of the croptop and lined with fleece.

There are plenty of more pieces which can all be found here on the Black Milk site. Some of the pieces are already sold out as they were limited when the collection was released and will not be restocked. All other pieces shown on this page however are not limited and should be restocked after a size sells out.

I have to admit that I haven’t been really up to date on Doctor Who episodes as of late (read; I am two season behind). But seeing this collection and some of the designs, I do plan to pick the series up again. As the clothing brings back good memories of the adventures of Doctor Who.
As for the pieces themselves the Vitruvian Angel Shooter and the Dalek Touchdown are high on my wishlist. And I am in doubt about the Cybermen touchdown but that is partly due to the fact that robots like that frighten me.

There have been small hints here and there that in the coming months we might see some addition to the already existing Black Milk collection of DC comics and Game of Thrones. I’ll keep you posted! In the meantime I am off to find a sonic screwdriver and a Tardis so I can make my dream wishlist come true.

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