Adidas: Star Wars 2015

This year is going to be a wonderful year for many Star Wars fans with the release of the Adidas Star Wars 2015 collection.
A new film is finally being released and merchandise has been popping up everywhere to keep the fans happy while they wait. From novels and comics to video-games and figures, there is a lot of buzz surrounding “The Force Awakens”.

So it should come as no surprise that big brands are trying their hands at new Star Wars collections as well. And one of the companies that is bringing out such a collection is Adidas. Which doesn’t come as a surprise as they have been known for doing really cool Star Wars stuff in the past.

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One of the first Star Wars releases from Adidas is from back in 1991 when they introduced the popular Skywalker hi tops (with a re-release in 2001 and 2010). And more recently they brought a few collections in the 2009-2011 seasons.  These releases were bigger than before and packed with more Star Wars clothing and shoes inspired by the films. In those years they brought out a collection for each season and those turned out to be pretty popular. And even today a lot of the pieces are still sought after by Star Wars collectors and sneakers-enthusiasts alike.
I have picked a few pieces up when they were in the stores and I have to say they look amazing and were well worth the money.

But now Adidas is back with a brand new release to make sure that fans can get some suitable wear for the summer and beyond.  And even better, this time they actually released two separate collections!

The first one is the Death Star collection which is specifically geared towards children and includes shirts, track suits, shoes and more. The clothing is only available in kids sizes which makes it a bit tricky if you are an older fan. But the shoes actually run up to a US size 7/ Uk 6.5/ EU 40 and are thus suitable for a wider audience.
The collection, can be found on the Adidas Star Wars site  and in select stores.
Both me and my best friend Jo have bought the Stormtrooper sneakers as they are perfect for the summer.  And the prices are very affordable for Adidas shoes, so we can’t wait until they arrive!


Adidas – Star Wars t-shirts €26/ £19 /$28
Adidas – Star Wars Glow in the dark shoes —– Darth Vader (red glow) – €65/ £40 /$60 ——- Yoda (green glow) – €70/ £47 /$80
Adidas – Star Wars —– Trooper Set €36/ £27 /$35 ——- Vader Jack €56/ £40 /$60
Star Wars Adidas ——— Death Star sneakers €65/ £47 /$75 ——–Stormtrooper sneakers €65/ £42 /$65



And the other collection involves the so called “#miZXFLUX – Star Wars collection“. This enables you to make shoes with your own design on it, which Adidas will print for you to wear. And this year for the 4th of May/ Star Wars day they preloaded a gallery of Star wars prints to use with this service.
In order to access it you have to download an App for your phone (Apple IoS / Google Android only).

When you open the app you can choose  the big + icon and select your shoe size. After that you can go to the Adidas gallery where you will find the many Star Wars pictures that have been made available. Just choose the one you like and place it on the shoe design to see what it looks like. The app allows you to preview the shoe in 360 and make some slight changes to the scale and placement of the print.
If you are happy with the design you can place it in your virtual shoebox and it’s stored there. You can make up a few designs to see which you like best and order your favourite one through the app. The service costs  €110/ £85/$110 and it takes around 4-6 weeks until the shoes arrive.

Here are some of the examples that are available for purchase. I am quite taken by the Stormtrooper with the gun and the Death Star version. I think it’s time to work on my puppy eyes for my upcoming birthday.

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