Star Wars Identities Exhibition

This August I went to see the Star Wars Identities Exhibition at Odysseum in Cologne Germany.  It was described as an interactive journey where you will make choices and find your own Star Wars Identity and see dozens of original artworks and props that shaped the Star Wars universe.
As the site says “A stunning collection of Star Wars costumes, models, props, and artwork allows you to see these two heroes and all the other unforgettable characters of Star Wars in a whole new way. And at the same time, a unique interactive identity quest allows you to design your own Star Wars Hero, putting you in the centre of the action.

Since it’s an interactive event you need to buy tickets for specific time slots and perhaps wait in line a bit until it’s the turn of your group. You get a bracelet to wear as well as a device to wear around your neck with an earpiece.
The device around the neck is a receiver that will activate at certain booths letting you hear all the information in the language that you prefer. While most of the information is written down and is read only, there are some monitors who display films, if you stand in the area the device will activate and let your hear what’s going on.
The bracelet is meant to be held in front of sensors at specific places in the exhibition where you answer questions which slowly build the Star Wars character that you are meant to be.


After you have been given the devices you get a short explanation before you are led to the exhibition itself. There you get to see a short intro telling you more about Star Wars Identities. Afterwards you can start your journey and start exploring the vast collections of props at your own pace.
The exhibition itself is really worth the visit if you are a big Star Wars fan or are interested in a behind the screen look of these films.

They had gorgeous (concept) artwork from the earliest draft of the films right up to the Clone Wars animated series. And you could see the models of the Imperial Star Destroyers, the X-wing but also of Jabba the Hutt and creatures like Sebulba.
There was also Anakin’s pod racer on display and a big collection of costumes from Queen Padmé Amidala but also from characters like Darth Maul, Kit Fisto, Chewie, Lando Calrissian and many more.


As a Star Wars fan this is well worth it as you finally get the chance to see some of the most iconic stuff for real. It was amazing to see the costumes and all the little details. But also to see sketches from the first idea for Yoda and see how he slowly was designed into the creature we all know so well.
I was really impressed with it all and if anything the appreciation I have for the Star Wars universe. It’s quite inspiring to see how much work and detail went into making all of it.

And for how I ended up as a Star Wars character? Let’s just say I was a ruthless Jedi from Corusant who was swayed to the dark side of the force.
Not really surprising although I was treated to some dismayed looks. I just gather those were al sympathisers to the rebel scum anyway 😛

Tickets are between 21,95 (week) and 23,95 (weekend) for adults. But tickets for children or families are much cheaper and can be found on the ticket site. While the prices seem a bit high, it also grants you access to the rest of the venue which has a lot of other interesting events and exhibitions.
At the end there is also a shop that sells a lot of merchandise and I was pleasantly surprised that the prices there were actually quite fair. Shirts are 21-25 euros for adults and 12-15 for kids. They also sell Lego, keychains, notepads and much more.

The exhibition is still in Cologne until November 17, 2015 and afterwards moves to Vienna, Austria where it opens December 18, 2015  till April 16, 2016. More cities will be announced in the coming months, but chances are that these will probably be overseas.
Whatever the case might be, I will be visiting it again in 2016 with Pepijn. He is a huge Star Wars fan but had no interest in attending Gamescom. So we are planning to just make a nice citytrip to Vienna to enjoy the city and see the exhibition.

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