The road to Gamescom 2015 – part 3

Next week I will be in Cologne at this time and walking between the many gaming companies who try to promote their games. To be honest, I can’t wait!
Like last year I will be attending this event together with Chardy. This year we will be staying for a couple of days so we have more time to look around Gamescom and Cologne. We found out that two days was nice but with the queues and the amount of games you had little time to actually take it all in and enjoy the event.

It’s is going to be a busy few days with lots to see and to do in a short time. So here are the plans we made so far.

Hey yo, let’s go!
We will be leaving on Wednesday in the morning with the ICE train to Cologne. The ride will be around 2,5 hours and it looks like we will be arriving before noon. Time to find our hotel and drop our luggage as the event will open it’s doors at 13.00 for the people with the so called “wildcards”.

Wednesday is the “press-day” where the Koeln Messe is only open to the standholders, the press and to people who were lucky enough to get a ticket through a lottery system. Lucky for us we managed to get cards and are therefore able to attend the Wednesday opening. I hope this will be a bit more relaxed and quieter than the mayhem during the Saturday opening.

Thursday and Friday are the normal days where we will be attending as well. But as these are regular days for the public (and sold out) these will probably be extremely busy as well. So I do hope we manage to visit some stands before all hell breaks loose.

I hope I will be able to see at least a few of the following titles:
This is just a quick list and as I said I hope we can actually see a glimpse of some of them. The lines will probably be long so I will focus myself primarily on Horizon: Zero Dawn, Fallout 4, Assassins Creed and Heroes. So keeping my fingers crossed that I might get lucky.
With Star Wars: The Old Republic I am lucky enough that they have their cantina tour Gamescom at the Friday. Hopefully we can see some new content from the new expansion that is coming our way and find out the future plans. I am very curious about the storylines but also about the future of player companions.

Beside the games I want to do some other cool things at Gamescom as well.
Taking a look at the cosplay arena to see all the gorgeous costumes, props and other assorted work. Recently I found out that Kamui -cosplay is attending Gamescom and I hope to be able to buy her books on making armor and weapons for my winter projects. Since I am hoping to cosplay Aloy, from Horizon: Zero Dawn, these books will be perfect.

Like previous years there will be plenty of merchandise available in the shopping area. Hopefully Square Enix, Bethesda, Blizzard and the others will have some nice pieces for sale there. I want to pick up a big Elder Scolls beer pitch and a small mascot for in my new car. And with a bit of luck they might have some nice shirts as well.

City Adventures
On Saturday we won’t be attending Gamescom. After spending 3 days already it is time for a change of scenery which in our case means shopping and visiting an exhibit.
The Cologne Coliseum is currently showing the Star Wars Identities exhibit. In the past weeks some of my friends have visited it and it came highly recommended. As a big Star Wars fan I’m really looking forward to it.

In the evening we have been lucky enough to be invited to the TennoVip party from  Digital Extremes, who are the developers behind Warframe. Since Chardy and I are huge fans we are looking forward to the event, which gives us the opportunity to meet the team behind the game and some of our fellow players.
It’s always nice to know who I am teaming up with.
If it’s anything like last years party, it is going to be a blast!

Early Sunday morning we will be leaving for home again. This gives me the rest of the Sunday and Monday to kick back and relax. But also to give my cats and my boyfriend some well deserved attention.

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