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Happy Thanksgiving! To those who celebrate it I hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy your time.
But this also means that the annual Black Friday is tomorrow! So it is time to start looking around and start buying those presents for the Christmas holidays. Most U.S. stores use this to come up with outrageous deals and big discounts on a lot of stuff. And watching the news you often see clips of massive amounts of people running into stores trying to get their hands on any deal they want.

For a long time these Black Friday deals were primarily in U.S. stores only, but in recent years this has changed rapidly. After the internet became so popular in the last decade  more and more retailers now organise these kind of sales online. At first a lot of these online sales started on the Monday after Thanksgiving, dubbing this “Cyber Monday”.
And now everyone with an internet connection is able to surf to their favourite websites to try and see if there is anything they like.
More and more stores are getting involved with the Black Friday/ Cyber Monday craze and some of those online deals are almost too good to pass up as well.
So time to give you an overview of some of my favourite companies and their Geek Black Friday deals. With every company I also tell you which products I like best and made it onto my wishlist.

General/ Hobby:

  • Think Geek stocks everything a geek wants and with Black Friday they offer a lot of discounts. If you are still looking for nice Christmas gifts for others or yourself, you are bound to find something to your liking. Their Black Fridays Sale section will soon be filled with all the things your geeky heart ever wanted and even more you never knew you needed.
    Personal Favourites: Lightsaber Chopsticks, R2D2 measuring cups, Brain Coasters and the Level up Pipe Mug.
    A word of warning, if you live abroad be aware that their shipping costs are quite high and with added customs it can get quite expensive.


  • Games Workshop has their first ever version of the Black Friday sales this year. Most fans of their games might know that this is a new direction as the company has never have really gone full out with Black Friday. the exact deals have not been announced yet and all we know so far is that there will be deals both on the online stores and the physical Warhammer stores. Both will have different bundles and all will only be available while stock lasts.
    The sales will most likely consist of bundles with existing models in it and a discount of around 20% which is pretty standard. Rumour has it that the bundles will start at $145 /€130 /£95 and run up to $605 /€485 /£375. So basically what is new for the Warhammer Black Friday sale is the date and the fact that they release so many bundles at once.
    Personal Favourites: My own interest goes out to a good deal for my Space Wolves army or for the Undead forces. But seeing the rumoured prices I think I will take a pass on the bundles for now. It is perfect if you want to start a new army though.


  • Steam has started their “Exploration Sale” which will last until the 1st of December
    The only difference with their previous sales is that there will be no Flash sales or Daily Deals. But it does mean that the discount you see on games will stay until the end of the sale. So you can pick up your games whenever you want during this week rather than having a limited time-frame to get the best discount.
    Personal Recommendations: The Fallout Series, Skyrim, Sword Coast Legends, The Walking Dead.


  • GOG has started their sale as well and it contains a lot of nice DRM free gaming jewels that are hard to come by in other stores. Old Warhammer games and a big collection of Star Trek and D&D games. Not only that but Witcher 3 is also 50% off and has a smaller discount on the DLC.
    Personal Favourites: Dungeons & Dragons Bundle, Warhammer Bundle.


  • Warframe has announced their Palatine Weekend event which includes a sale in-game with several deals across all systems.
    · 50% off all Archwing & Archwing weapons
    · 20% off all non-Deluxe Warframe Accessories
    · Buy One Get One on all Fusion Packs and Transmute Core Packs
    · Buy One Get One on all Mod Packs
    And they have released their previously limited Deluxe Skins, but this time they are here to stay. So welcome back to the Proto-Armor Excalibur, Proto-Glaive Weapon Skin, Nyx Nemesis, Valkyr Gersemi, Saryn Orphid and as new addition the Palatine Rhino. Also their Steam Deals are all 50% off in the Autumn Sale.
    Personal Favourites: I am going to collect the skins I miss (Nyx) and buy a new Archwing.


  • Blizzard has a 30% discount in their online Blizzard gear store on selected gear. And there is some really nice stuff for fans of all different Blizzard titles.
    The Sale features mainly Clothing and plushies. What is nice is that you get a little vinyl figure as a gift with every purchase and international shipping is free for any order above $100. Perhaps time to get a group together and order.
    Personal Favourites: Horde/ Alliance Leggings, Lil’Murk Eye Plush, Crimson Whelpling and the Bathrobes (I like them al).



  • Geek Chic Cosmetics has a huge Black Friday sale going on. This is a so-called indie brand that makes beauty products
    They will also release new products like “Lip Zazz” (liquid to matte lipsticks), a bakery inspired holiday scent set (holidays only). scented lotion, and more.
    But more importantly they are well known for their themed eye shadow sets which often come with a limited edition tin. Sadly these versions sell out soon and are highly sought after. But for the Geek Black Friday sale they will re-release some of them. Like Moon Prism Make up (Sailor Moon), Timey Wimey (Doctor Who) and more. And all orders receive a free full sized sample!
    I will be reviewing their eyeshadows and solid scents soon.
    Personal Favourites: Please Stand By ( Fallout 4), N7 set (Mass Effect), Lip Zazz.
    (Cruelty free and all products are Vegan)


  • LaSplash is a brand that has taken a flight in the recent months with their matte lip products. They have a wide variety of colours that are very affordable,  dry up perfectly and are kiss/drink proof. It’s no wonder that they became really popular in such a short time.
    Their Black Friday deal means that lashes and lipsticks only cost you $10 which is a very good price for the quality they offer.
    Personal Favourites: Hidden Desires, Catrina, Aurora, Venus.
    (Cruelty free)


  • Melt is a makeup brand which is one of my to go for places when I want bright lipsticks that last long. Perfect for Larps and Cosplay looks, they offer a variety of colours. And on Black Friday they will have 30% of their products, so a perfect moment to get some of those awesome shades.
    In the coming weeks I will make a review on some of their lipsticks that I already own.
    Personal Favourites: Blow Lipstick, Love Sick eyeshadow, Dark Room Lipstick.
    (Cruelty free and most products are Vegan)


  • Sugarpill always had great sales in previous years with up to 50% discounts on some of their products. Thi s year they have such a sale again and there are a lot of products with big discounts to be had.
    Also what we do know for sure is that they will have a limited re-release of the Edward Scissorhands Palette, which I reviewed here.
    If they will announce a sale for this Geek Black Friday I will update accordingly as their eyeshadows are among the best I have encountered.
    Personal Favourites: Countess, Holy Ghost, Cold Chemistry Palette.
    (Cruelty free and most products are Vegan)



Fashion/ Clothing:

  • Black Milk will have their cyber sale this year with a 30% – 50% discount on selected pieces.  A lot of the time we are not aware which pieces will be on sale and how many there are of each. Sometimes you get lucky and there might be enough stock in your size and in other cases there might be only two pieces left of an item. As soon as the sale opens the site gets flooded by the fans and the frenzy begins.
    All I can advise is….. be fast! The Black Milk fans are called Sharkies for a reason because new releases and sales end up in a feeding frenzy with certain items/sizes being sold out within 6 seconds. The sale starts at 01.00 CET tonight and lasts the weekend.
    Personal Favourites: Great Wave Touchdown, Blocked Leggings.



  • Jinx does it a bit different, they have sales with 25% off throughout the coming weeks and free shipping above a certain amount.
    For this Geek Black Friday they start off with a Black Metal theme
    More on the sales and discounts can be found here.
    Personal Favourites: Alliance Shirt, Companion Cube Mug.



If any more cool deals will pop up I will update my post accordingly. But for now I wish everyone happy bargain hunting on Geek Black Friday and enjoy Thanksgiving!

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