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Steam Winter Sale 2015 is here

It is finally that time of the year again. The Steam Winter Sale 2015 is coming (to town)! And oh yeah, something with Christmas and New Year. Several sites report that the new Steam Winter Sale is running… Read More

Gaming Backlog #2

As I previously mentioned in a post, I am still working through my gaming backlog. And I have to say I behaved pretty well the last few weeks and didn’t go too crazy at the Steam Summer Sale…. Read More

E3 most wanted 2015

The past two weeks were quite busy for many gamers. Not only was the Steam Summer Sale in full swing, there was also a steady flow of news coming out of the E3. Many of the big developers… Read More

Fallout 4

Finally! After years of speculation we got the announcement we’ve been waiting for, Fallout 4!. This game will be heading our way in the near future. Fallout is a series of rpg video-games which deals with a post… Read More

The Steam Summer Sale 2015 is coming!

Brace yourself! The Steam Summer Sale 2015 is coming! Many gamers will rejoice now that some new details about the upcoming Steam Summer Sale seem to have been leaked. So ready your wallets and make some space on… Read More

All about Videogames Tag

On other blogs I always love to read the so called tags. These are basically a series of questions about a single subject which are answered by the blogger. It often gives a nice insight into what the… Read More

Summer 2015 gaming wishlist

Summer is on it’s way which for me means less time playing games and more time spending outside. Since I am not the only one planning to do that you see that most people seem to play a… Read More

Gaming Backlogs

Playing video games is something I grew up with and which I still love to do. Over the years I have owned many different gaming systems and played my share of titles on them. From Commander Keen to… Read More