Win or Die Collection by Geek Chic Cosmetics

If you have read some of my blog posts or follow me on social media you probably know I love make up. So when I heard about Geek Chic cosmetics and their Win or Die Collection it was no surprise to anyone that I had to have it. I mean, gorgeous eyehadows inspired by one of my favourite book and TV series? Yes please! And even better is that their products are Cruelty free, vegan and gluten free which means they are suitable for many people. So I looked around the site, fell in love and placed an order for the entire collection of the Games of Thrones inspired line.

Since the new season of Game of Thrones will be starting in April again, it is the perfect time to take a look at this collection and come up with some ideas to use them for the upcoming viewing parties.


Geek Chic cosmetics is a small but fun indie beauty brand who make a ton of cool products inspired by games, films, books and much more. And when I browsed their site I came across many more items and collections that made me al itchy to buy them. But first let’s test their Win or Die Collection and see if it lives up to their promises.

Win or Die Collection Across the Narrow SeaAcross the Narrow Sea:
A nice turquoise colour which is more sea green instead of blue and is filled with aqua coloured sparkles. It applies evenly and covers really well, although you can build up the colour a bit more and intensify the gorgeous green colour.
It can be used as an eyeliner by using a wet eyeliner pencil or special eyeliner mediums.

bornBorn In Fire:
It is a dark(er)violet colour that reminds me of the eye colours of House Targaryen. It can be really nice to spice up a smoky eye look and it contains pink/red glitter and a slight pearly hue in the same pink/red colour. Covers well and applies evenly, and it is a dream to blend.

brotherhoodBrotherhood of Crows
This is a dusky black with gunmetal flakes which gives it a really nice effect on the eyes. I was surprised at how well pigmented it was and how it was easy to apply and blend. I love black eye-shadow and this colour is perfect for smoky eyes and to be used as an eyeliner.

theimpThe Imp
This is a very sparkly golden colour with silver and gold flakes. Just a gorgeous colour and again really well pigmented (which can’t be said for many similar colours from other brands). It really pops and has a really cool effect when the light hits it. Also perfect to use as an eyeliner.

This is more a pearly white colour, it is a bit less pigmented than some of the others. But it blends really well and can do wonders when used in combination with other colours or to pop in your inner eye corner.
Even better is that this colour is just perfect as a highlighter. I am not sure what I like better, Kingslayer as highlighter or eyeshadow. Just apply it on your cheeks for a really nice effect.

pointyPointy End
It is described as a Taupe colour with an edge and that is exactly what it is. The colour was a bit hard to capture but it is a nice taupe colour with silver glitters in it which is really pretty. I own quite a few taupes but this one spices thing up with the glitters in  a way that it looks cool and like a discoball.
I used it to spice up my normal nude eye looks and I got a lot of compliments as people love the effect so much.

This Bronn inspired colour is a more matte brown eyeshadow. The description on the Geek Chic site says that it has the colour of milk chocolate and that is pretty spot on! It contains no glitter and is insanely well pigmented, making it easy to get on your eyelid and get a good colour pay-off.

spiderThe Spider:
Another matte inspired by Varys, the master of whisperers, who knows way too much. This is a nice and vibrant pink shade that really pops!
It is a bit of a hue between hot pink and lavender and can be used as a blush as well. It is very easy to blend and works well with other colours from this collection where you can use “The Spider” to spice things up.

Overall I am extremely pleased with the Win or Die collection from Geek Chic Cosmetics. It features nice shades which are fun, pigmented and easy to work with and which I love to use in both day and night looks.
A drawback for me is that the colour Sellsword might be a bit boring as a matte and very comparable to other brands. And the packaging can be a bit unhandy for me, especially if the lid is not properly closed it can lead to spillage. Since the jars contain small sifters it can be hard to to get the last bit of product out. Luckily you only need a small bit so it will probably last you a long time.
The eyeshadows last long (around 8 hours) but I did find that they last longer and pop just a bit more when used with a primer underneath.

As for the price VS quality it’s a very good buy as you get gorgeous and very pigmented colours for only $5,99 a pop. If you buy the entire Win or Die Collection it’s even cheaper and well worth it.  I decided to go for the full collection in their 5 grams jars ( $5,99/ €5,49/ £4,33)but if you want to try stuff out first, there is the option to buy smaller sample sizes for $1,25/ €1,15/ £0,90).
Please note that if you buy it from outside the US you will most likely pay higher shipping and custom fees. In my case (the Netherlands) I had to pay customs, but even with that taken into account it was well worth the price. I can’t wait to save up a bit more and try to add their Fallout eyeshadows to my collection and test their lip-products and moistures.

In the coming weeks I will have more reviews of Geek Chic Cosmetics. So stay tuned for my reviews of the Fellowship Collection (Lord of the Rings inspired eyeshadows) and the Traces of Thedas Collection (Dragon Age inspired Solid Scents ).


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