Review: Edward Scissorhands palette

As some may know I adore buying and using make up. I love to experiment with different products and match my looks to my clothing and mood.
One of my favourite brands that I use is Sugarpill Cosmetics who bring out great vibrant shades which last long and have great pigmentation.
So I was happily surprised when it was announced that they would release a Edward Scissorhands palette filled with 6 colours of eyeshadow.
New eyeshadow shades from Sugarpill and they are inspired by a Tim Burton film? Yes please! So obviously I ordered the palette as soon as I was able too.

It has been 25 years already since the film was originally released and Sugarpill celebrated that fact with a small collection of make up products.
When the first pictures of the Edward Scissorhands palette were released, people were a bit confused about the colours choices. Pastel colours along with more darker ones? A lot of people expected to see primarily dark colours. But they in this case they decided to go with colours from the entire film.

So there are the dark shades inspired by the Scissorhands and the castle. But also the light shades inspired by the ice sculptures and the pastel tints of the houses in the suburbs. Overall it has shades that are all very different and will probably be to the liking of many make up fans.


Here are the swatches I made of all the products. On the left side it shows the product just on bare skin and on the right side it shows it with a primer underneath. For primer I always use Urban Decay Shadow Primer Potion in the neutral colour. It does help to make the eyeshadows last longer and “pop” a bit more.

Home Sweet Home:
matte powder blue – the colour of the clear skies.
When I saw this colour I wasn’t too sure about how well it would work. It was chalky and trying to get a pigmented and even coverage was a bit more difficult than with other shades. But overall it’s a gorgeous colour and it holds really well, especially if you use a primer underneath it (8 hours).


Ice Angel:
silvery white with iridescent blue sheen – The colour of ice sculptures and falling snow.
Hello gorgeous! This is a white shade with a blue iridescent effect that is very hard to photograph. I love it and it was really nice to work with, nice coverage and very easy to blend.  Furthermore you can easily use it over another colour to create a beautiful effect.

The Inventor:
creamy metallic gunmetal – the colour of sharp scissors.
This is my favourite shade out of all of them. It is super easy to work with and has a perfect texture. The pigmentation is wonderful and the effect of the shimmer in it is really cool. Easy coverage, super blend-able and it lasts a long time (10+ hours with primer). But I did notice that if you want the shimmer to spark even more, use a primer underneath it.

Suburbia: flirty matte coral – the colour of the charming suburban homes.
I love this shade! It is a coral that perfectly matches my skin-tone and it can even be used as a blush. The pigmentation is very good and it was easy to get a good solid coverage. Again it is very easy to blend and it lasted a long time when I wore it.

Heart Shaped Cookie:
soft matte beige – indeed the colour of cookies!
When making swatches they barely showed up on my skin. But that was because the colour is just a bit darker than my skin-tone. The colour pigmentation is good but to get a total coverage can be a bit hard. The texture is very blend-able ensuring that this is indeed a shade that you can easily use to blend.

Castle on the Hill:
deep stone matte brown – the colour of a castle’s deteriorating exterior.
Great texture and again the pigmentation was perfect. It was easy for me to use and to blend when I did a more daytime smoky look with nude colours. I was quite impressed with it.

Top row is on bare skin and bottom row is with a primer.

While Home Sweet home was a bit of a let down, I was still impressed with the other colours. Overall the pigmentation and textures of the colours are very good and it’s easy to work with. You can create quite a few looks with just the shades of the palette but combined with others they will work just as well.
When I wore the shades during the day I used a primer underneath it and all colours lasted 8 hours before Heart Shaped Cookie and Home Sweet Home started to fade. The other colours made it to 10 hours without issues. Funnily enough the shades Ice Angel and The Inventor got a lot of compliments and are indeed in my top 3 of shades from this palette.
Also interesting to note is that this product is cruelty free (as are all Sugarpill products) and vegan.
Personally I find that this palette is good quality for its price and I am very happy to add it to my collection. I used it quite a few times already and even though I wasn’t too sure about certain colours at first, I do find that I use them all.

The Edward Scissorhands palette will cost you $36 /€34 /£24 and additional shipping. I live in the Netherlands and with shipping the total was €45 euros which is not bad considering the amount of product and the quality. Also be aware you might receive custom charges depending on the country you live in.
Sadly Sugarpill is not sold in the Netherlands. But it is sold in the UK in places like Love Makeup and Cute Cosmetics.

Currently the palette is sold out at both the Sugarpill site and the online retailers. But the good news is that this coming Friday (the 27th) it is the annual Black Friday again and there will be a restock. So if you don’t want to miss out, go to the Sugarpill page and sign up for the notification to see at which time it will be released.

And let’s not forget about the new nail-polishes that came out in this collection. The chosen colours match two of the eye-shadows found in the Edward Scissorhands palette.
Ice Angel is a polish with snow white flecks in it which look really cool when layered on another colour.
The Inventor is a dark grey polish which contains silver glitter and is a perfect shade for the winter. Combine the two together and the effect is awesome.
Sadly Sugarpill is not allowed to ship those overseas so for now the polishes are U.S. and Canada only and cost $10 per piece.


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