About Vyksos

Welcome to my personal geeky lifestyle blog!
Hi my name is Claudia and Vyksos is my online nickname.

I am a Dutch geek living somewhere in the so called South of Holland. I share my home with my boyfriend Pepijn and our cats; Medano, Chunky and Siamun (†). During the day I work in IT and at night I am a huge geek who plays videogames, cooks,  draws, watches tv/anime and is up to no good.

On this blog I will try to keep you updated with all kinds of news and reviews from the world of popculture and geeks. From the newest videogames to events and from anime to geeky make up. You will find plenty of fun stuff to read here.

Comments and messages are always welcome.
Have fun!

You can follow me on Social Media and also on the gaming platforms below.

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