Month: July 2015

The road to Gamescom 2015 – part 3

Next week I will be in Cologne at this time and walking between the many gaming companies who try to promote their games. To be honest, I can’t wait! Like last year I will be attending this event… Read More

I wish tag

I saw this I wish tag on a couple of Dutch blogs and decided to translate it and fill it out for my own blog. Original credit goes to Teske over at If you could be anything… Read More

The road to Gamescom 2015 – part 2

Welcome to the second part of the “Road to Gamescom” series. In this post I will talk about some of the other things that can be very handy for planning a trip to this (or future) Gamescom.  As… Read More

Gaming Backlog #2

As I previously mentioned in a post, I am still working through my gaming backlog. And I have to say I behaved pretty well the last few weeks and didn’t go too crazy at the Steam Summer Sale…. Read More