Month: May 2015

The Steam Summer Sale 2015 is coming!

Brace yourself! The Steam Summer Sale 2015 is coming! Many gamers will rejoice now that some new details about the upcoming Steam Summer Sale seem to have been leaked. So ready your wallets and make some space on… Read More

All about Videogames Tag

On other blogs I always love to read the so called tags. These are basically a series of questions about a single subject which are answered by the blogger. It often gives a nice insight into what the… Read More

Health: Get your Sporty Geek on.

Since I am back into exercising and running again, I also need to get some sports wear. And that was a bit of an issue as most gym wear here is a bit expensive for what they offer… Read More

Geeky Cars

Often people are surprised when they learn that I have my drivers-license. Actually I had it for quite a few years but barely drove a car because of some issues. But after some thinking and because it had… Read More

Convention season

We are done with the winter! So time to get into a more cheerful mood and make nice plans for the upcoming spring and summer weekends. The next months are filled with a lot of cool events and… Read More

Health: Zombies Run – 5k & The Walk

Spring is here and that means it’s time to make plans for holidays and fun parties. But it also means the weather is (potentially) getting better and you can spend more time outside soaking up the sun and… Read More

Adidas: Star Wars 2015

This year is going to be a wonderful year for many Star Wars fans with the release of the Adidas Star Wars 2015 collection. A new film is finally being released and merchandise has been popping up everywhere… Read More

Summer 2015 gaming wishlist

Summer is on it’s way which for me means less time playing games and more time spending outside. Since I am not the only one planning to do that you see that most people seem to play a… Read More

Netflix Addiction

A year ago Netflix finally launched in the Netherlands and we were offered an additional way to get our media fix.  For years I had been hearing from friends about how awesome services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon… Read More

Gaming Backlogs

Playing video games is something I grew up with and which I still love to do. Over the years I have owned many different gaming systems and played my share of titles on them. From Commander Keen to… Read More